The 11 Best Support Sneakers for Your Arches

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It's nice to have friends and family to support you when you're cruising through miles or crushing strength goals. But one crucial element to successful running and training comes down to sneakers that have your back, er, feet. With these 11 best support sneakers, you get the protection you need underfoot to go get your goals. So slip 'em on, feel that sense of security, and start chasing those PRs. Your feet deserve a win.

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1. Best Support Sneakers for Long Runs (High Arches): Asics Nimbus 21


Asics has you covered when it comes to double-digit miles. The Nimbus (one of Asics' signature running shoes) recently got an upgrade with more room in the forefoot and a bouncy foam through the midsole that adds energy to each step. A particularly strong choice for those with high arches who have a neutral stride or those who underpronate (when your feet roll away from your midline), these shoes push you straight through the last stretch of your long run.

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2. Best Support Sneakers for Long Runs (Flat Feet): Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19


With Brooks' GuideRails technology, people with flat to medium arches who lean toward overpronation (or feet rolling inward) get one of the best support sneakers to stay pain-free. The protection comes from a sort of bumper on the outsole that helps you maintain your natural gait, even as the mile numbers rise. Not too soft and not too stiff, this shoe also hits the sweet spot between cushion and bounce.

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3. Best Support Sneakers for Mid-Distance Mileage (Neutral): On Running Cloudstratus


You can move freely and naturally in this run shoe, designed for wider feet. While the construction offers roominess, you still get a hug of protection thanks to the asymmetrical mesh upper and double layer of cushioning down below. Of course, you also get strong arch support, as well as superior energy return so you can glide through more and more miles feeling a little spring in your step.

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4. Best Support Sneakers for Mid-Distance Mileage (Stability): Under Armour HOVR Guardian


If you're looking for a running shoe that offers top-notch stability, you'll meet your match with this UA shoe. With a stable structure underfoot and a strong post at the midline, you'll feel support from all sides, without worrying about feeling too locked into place. Love knowing your stats? These sneaks also digitally track your run numbers so you can see distance, pace, and more in the MapMyFitness app. And you don't even have to take your phone on the road.

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5. Best Support Sneakers for Tempo Runs: New Balance FuelCell Propel


These kicks might look heavy with their platform-like bottom, but they feel super light (seriously, you'll be surprised by just how light when you lace them up!). The low-weight yet cushioned combo makes for ample protection for your lower half when you're racking up some mileage, but it won't hold you back from pushing your pace. In other words, consider these the best support sneakers for finding your fast.

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6. Best Support Sneakers for Interval Training: Altra Running Escalante 2


The stretchy material up top on this speed racer makes it fit almost like a sock, so your fast miles feel very natural. That's also Altra's ultimate goal: allow your feet to hit their intended stride. To do that, the brand uses a Fit4Her construction that includes a narrow heel and midfoot, longer arch, and lots of space for your toes to spread out and seamlessly take off on a sprint.

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7. Best Support Sneakers for Track Workouts: Salomon


Light, responsive, and flexible, this Salomon sneaker provides a great ride when you want to sprint a lap or stop and go for speed drills. The heel-to-toe push-off feels super smooth as it moves with your gait—all thanks to the springy design of the midsole and outsole. The mesh upper and heel counter also feels super soft, so it won't cause any unwanted irritation.

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8. Best Support Sneakers for the Trails: Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3


You need a durable, stable shoe when you're stepping over rocks, roots, and other unpredictable terrain—and these Merrells have you covered in comfort. The responsive midsole offers grooves that move in multiple directions for when you're dodging debris, and the lugs help you hold onto the trail when you're jogging over slick surfaces. These also have an antimicrobial finish, which is ideal for sweaty outdoor treks.

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9. Best Support Sneakers for Walking All Day: Vionic Aimmy Active Sneaker


Designed with podiatrist approval, all of Vionic's shoes have a built-in orthotic, meaning they really fit the shape of your foot with padding under the arch and a deep heel cup. These slip-on sneaks, in particular, keep your feet comfortable when you're strolling around town all day, courtesy of that ergonomic insole. They're also featherlight so you don't feel like you're dragging extra weight.

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11. Best Support Sneakers for Conditioning: Reebok Nano 9


When mixing weight training with cardio work, you want a shoe that feels stable underneath yet still has flexibility. Enter this trainer from Reebok, complete with a breathable, stretchy upper, extra cushioning in the midfoot, and two pieces of material on the outsole that protect your feet but still allow for ease of movement. Your studio workouts just got more comfortable (at least for your feet).

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10. Best Support Sneakers for HIIT: Puma LQDCELL Training Shoes


A wallet-friendly option for those who like to jump up, move side-to-side, and rotate around the gym floor. The new technology in this sneaker's midsole features bounce back for quick movements, yet stability to stick your landings. So you can fly through those explosive, multi-directional movements while feeling a tough base underfoot.

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