The 9 Best Tennis Rackets to Shop Online, According to Customer Reviews

Plus, expert tips on how to choose the right option for your game.

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Whether you're a tennis novice or a seasoned pro, choosing the right tennis racket is essential. Some rackets are designed to generate more power to help you serve aces with ease, while others give you more control to land the ball exactly where you want it to on the court.

There are a lot of different things to look for when choosing a racket, including head size, grip, weight, and length. Your skill level also plays an important factor in choosing the right option for your game since there are tennis rackets for beginners and those for intermediates and beyond. To help you figure out which racket is best for your needs, Shape spoke to two tennis experts to get the scoop on everything you need to know about shopping for a new tennis racket.

The Best Tennis Rackets to Shop Online:

How to Choose a Tennis Racket

"Tennis rackets are very personal things," says USTPA Elite Pro Gavin Glider. "Years ago you could buy a racket and just make it work. In today's game, different rackets suit different play styles and swing paths." (

The head size of a tennis racket is one of the first things many players look at when selecting a racket. "Head sizes of modern rackets typically fall into the categories of midsize (93-97 square inches), mid-plus (98-106 square inches), oversize (107-116 square inches), and super oversize (116+ square inches)," notes Glider. According to tennis coach and USTPA Elite Pro Zoe Jeffrey, beginners should choose a larger head size as it is "easier to make contact consistently." More seasoned players should reach for a midsize racket "that allows them to play with control, feel, and precision whilst generating their own power."

The weight and length of a racket can also greatly affect your game. Lighter rackets are easier to maneuver and can add more power to your swing, while heavier rackets provide more control. Glider suggests "starting with a frame that is easy to swing and add weight gradually until it feels perfect. In terms of length, most adult rackets are between 27-28 inches. Some players like to extend their rackets by half an inch to give a little more leverage when serving. Andy Roddick made this popular." (Related: Madison Keys On Why You Need to Be Watching Women's Tennis)

Grip is another important factor, as it can affect your spin. There are two ways to determine your grip size. "The easiest way to tell if a grip is the right size is you wrap your hand around the handle using a continental grip (hold it like you are hammering a nail with the edge of your frame)," explains Jeffrey. "There should be one finger width between the tips of your fingers and the base of your hand. Another method is to measure the distance in inches between the center crease of your palm and the tip of your index finger," she adds.

While grip sizes range between one and five, the most common grip sizes, according to Jeffrey, are a two for women and a three for men. "If you're not sure about what grip size to choose, always go smaller. You can build a handle up to be thicker using overgrips, but you can't easily make it thinner," she warns. (

The Difference Between Beginner and Advanced Player Rackets

"Beginners should absolutely look for different racket types as opposed to more advanced players," says Glider. Luckily, many brands make affordable rackets for entry-level players, so they can learn to play the sport without investing too much. "As a player develops strokes, they can move into a more advanced racket that is designed to highlight what they do well," he adds. These professional-grade rackets tend to be much more expensive, but they are well worth the investment if you are trying to take your tennis skills to the next level.

Ready to hit the court? With these expert guidelines in mind, these are the 9 best tennis rackets available to buy online that customers say have helped up their game.

Best Overall: Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racket

tennis racket

What You'll Love: Tennis players love this Wilson racket for quite a few reasons, but the most common is how lightweight and easy to maneuver it is. The recreational racket has an oversize head for ample power, and it's pre-strung with an open string pattern to provide more spin. Plus, there are four different grip sizes to choose from, so you can easily find one that will be comfortable for your hand size.

Rave Review: "This is the lightest, most maneuverable racquet I have ever used," said one shopper. "I've been playing with it for over 20 years. I've had to replace them at different times but will keep buying this racquet as long as they are available."

Best for Beginners: Oppom Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

adult tennis racket

What You'll Love: Nearly 1,000 Amazon shoppers have given this racket a perfect rating. What makes it so great for beginners is that the oversize head gives you more surface area to hit the ball, while the lightweight design makes it super easy to swing. It has a grip size of 4 ⅜-inches (or size 3) which makes it suitable for both men and women, according to the brand. The racket comes in seven different colors and it even comes with its own carrying bag. Even better, it's very affordable, making it ideal for new players who want to try out the sport without investing a ton of money.

Rave Review: "Got this as a gift for a friend who was starting out tennis," wrote one reviewer. "The racket is very durable and lightweight. The carrying case that comes with it is very convenient which makes traveling with it simple. Great purchase for beginners or those who want to play casually."

Best for Intermediates: Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

head tennis racket

What You'll Love: Amazon shoppers say this Head racket is a great option for players who are ready to advance their game past the beginner level. The head is 115 inches long giving you good coverage and the length is 27 ¾-inches long — an ideal length for most adults. Players love how lightweight and durable the titanium racket is and the fact that there are four grip sizes to choose from.

Rave Review: "I played tennis seven years ago. Even then, I was a beginner level player. I started playing tennis again two months back and I started at beginner level and for that I got a cheap Wilson racquet," said one customer. "It was initially good for beginner level. Then I improved my game a bit but still half of my groundstrokes were going out. Because of that I was even afraid to hit my groundstrokes with power. Then I moved to intermediate level and I bought this racquet. This one is a game changer. Now all my ground strokes are perfect and my game has improved a lot. I can't believe that a racquet could make such a huge difference. I highly recommend this to anyone who is going through the same transition as me. It will definitely change your game."

Best for Seasoned Players: Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet

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What You'll Love: With a mid-plus size head and a heavier 10.6-ounce frame, this Babolat racket is designed for more advanced performance players. It features the brand's Control Frame Technology which, according to the brand, enhances your control of the racket by "combining the stability of a square beam frame with the dynamism of a regular elliptic structure." And we should note that the racket comes unstrung. While some may prefer the convenience of pre-strung rackets, more seasoned players usually like to customize the strings to suit their individual playing style.

Rave Review: "Accuracy A+, balance A+, spin A+, power just right for me (strong but controlled), great weight (I'm 6'1" and 190 pounds), and incredible feel," wrote one Amazon shopper. "Seriously, square impact is like a hot knife through butter. I do not use a vibration dampener; no need. This is my first Babolat and will be buying the same racket soon for a backup. Quality item.

Best Expert-Approved: Wilson Clash Ultra 100L Tennis Racket

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Dick's Sporting Goods

What You'll Love: Both Gavin and Zoe listed the Wilson Clash racket as one of their top picks for rackets they recommend, and it's easy to see why. Made from a high-performance carbon fiber, the lightweight racket is 27 inches long and has a 100 square inch head — making it a great option for multiple types of players. It comes unstrung, so you can customize it to suit your game.

Rave Review: One shopper called it an "amazing racket" before adding, "The Wilson Clash is a very good rackuet as it provides a lot of consistency and topspin. The only downer is that it scratches very easily. But, all in all, great price for what it is and you'll be very consistent."

Best Affordable Option: Head Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket

head tennis racket

What You'll Love: At only $20, this Head tennis racket is the most affordable option on the list, but hundreds of Amazon shoppers say it's just as good as its more expensive counterparts — especially if you are just picking up the sport or are a casual player. Along with an oversize head, the budget-friendly racket features a durable titanium frame and comes pre-strung. Even better, there are two colors and five grip sizes to choose from.

Rave Review: "Great tennis racket for a beginner," wrote one customer. "It's easy to grip, lightweight, and large enough to swing and likely hit the ball without too much aim. Bought this for casual tennis workouts. As a twenty-something who's never played competitive tennis, it was easy to pick up and play with. And great price! 10/10 would recommend for testing the waters."

Best Pro-Level Option: Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Tennis Racket

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Dick's Sporting Goods

What You'll Love: If you want to use a racket that is used by a professional player, consider the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 racket that is designed and used by 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer. The unstrung racket has a midsize head and weighs 12.53 ounces, making it ideal for seasoned players. The sleek black racket has grey pinstripes along the throat of the frame and a gloss finish at the top of the head.

Rave Review: One shopper said it had "great control with a sleek design." They added, "I played tennis in college, but that was over 10 years ago. I just started getting back into it; practicing my serve and playing with a neighbor. I originally ordered a standard racket, but I wanted this racket because of the sleek black design. I was worried, reading some of the reviews, because they stressed how much heavier this racket was compared to others. Many stated this was not a beginners racket. After receiving it, I'm happy to say, the weight is not that noticeable to me. My arm was a bit sore in comparison but I'm sure after I acclimate to it, that should cease. The extra weight definitely curbs some of my excessive power and helps with overall control. It's also slightly smaller too. I love this racket!"

Best Set: Senston Tennis Racket Set

tennis racket

What You'll Love: If you and a friend are looking to take up tennis together, invest in this handy set that comes with everything two players could need besides tennis balls. Each kit comes with two rackets, two overgrips, two vibration dampers (which decrease the vibrations off the racket's strings), and two carrying cases. The lightweight rackets both have mid-plus size heads and an open string pattern.

Rave Review: "I loved it," raved one shopper. "For a beginner it is easy, lightweight, and has a good grip. I also like that it comes with a vibration dampener and a racket case/bag. Value for the money. Highly recommend."

Best for Kids: Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racket

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What You'll Love: This pre-strung Wilson racket has a four-inch grip and a 25-inch frame, making it a great option for children 10-and-under. Weighing only 8.48-ounces, kids will be able to maneuver the lightweight alloy racket with ease. Its bold yellow, blue, and white design makes it more fun than most classic tennis rackets, and its affordable under-$30 price point will please parents.

Rave Review: "I signed my kids up for tennis camp and the coach suggested buying these inexpensive rackets for them," said one reviewer. "They are good quality for the price. My kids are 10 and 11 and they seemed the right size for them and very lightweight."

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