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The Best Ways to Stay Hydrated During Outdoor Workouts

Adidas by Stella McCartney Running Belt

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If looking chic tops your list of things to accomplish during your run, the Adidas by Stella McCartney Running Belt has you covered. Easily the most fashion-forward of the bunch, the zippered pouch can hold your phone and features a port for your headphone cord to come through. ($50;

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Nathan SpeedView Flask with Phone Case

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If you can't stand going out for a run without your phone, Nathan's smart design lets you carry your phone and easily see your screen, so you'll never miss a text. The full-size bottle is just right for a tough, but not too long, workout. (P.S. You should be cleaning all your water bottles pos-workout. Here's how to do it best.) ($35;

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Osprey Rev 1.5

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Osprey's Rev 1.5 is great for a half-day hike or a trail run where you need room to pack an extra layer and a snack. It comes with a 1.5L water reservoir inside, and you can sip through a tube on the side without worrying about unzipping or unclipping anything. ($70;

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Montane Women's VIA Snap 4 Trail Vest

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This woman-specific running vest from Montane is ideal for trail running or fastpacking. The stretchy but strong material balances the weight of the pack, so you won't be thrown off balance as you move across uneven terrain. (Pair with one of these top-notch picks for trail running shoes.) ($149;

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FuelBelt Helium Sprint Ergonomic Bottle

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Your run doesn't have to be long to warrant toting along water. FuelBelt's palm-size bottle is great for short runs where you just need a little something. With the most color options, it's also just plain fun. ($19;

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Gregory Pace 3 Women's Hydration Backpack

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If you're spending a few hours on the trails, opt for the Gregory's woman-specific pack, which can hold up to 2L of water. External mesh pockets give ample room for stashing stuff and it even includes a dedicated folding trekking pole pocket. ($99;

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Salomon Active Insulated Belt

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Part fanny pack, part water bottle holster, the Salomon Active Insulated Belt holds your bottle in a neoprene case to keep your water cool. The large elastic-banded belt is made to be extra comfortable and stay put as you bound. ($55;

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CamelBak Circuit

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CamelBak's Circuit running vest distributes that weight of whatever you're toting more evenly, so you can store stuff like snacks, gels, and your phone in the front, while a 1.5L water reservoir rides in back. Add ice to the reservoir and the mesh back design will help you stay cool on hot days. (Worried more about the rain than the heat? You need this waterproof running gear.) ($85;

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Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2 Plus Hydration Belt

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The minimalist design of this running belt cuts down on any unnecessary weight but still has room to store gels and a phone. The water bottle snap easily into place for quick access. ($55;

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Ultimate Direction Jenny Clutch

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The adjustable hand grip and thumb hole make this bottle easy to hold while you're on the move. When you finish your water, the bottle collapses down for easy storage. (Hitting a studio class instead? Swap this for one of these cute workout water bottles.) ($40;

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