The Best Weight Lifting Belts to Help You Safely Lift Heavier, According to Reviews

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If improving your 1RM is on your to-do list, one of these weight lifting belts can help you get there.

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The Best Weight Lifting Belts

best weightlifting belt tout

You've probably seen CrossFit athletes and Instagram lifters alike lifting heavy AF barbells with a big belt strapped around their waist. These are weight lifting belts and you might want to wear one. (Before you read any further, check out: Do You Need to Wear a Weightlifting Belt?)

Consider weight lifting belts like a corset for your core — the thick band serves as a way to secure and stabilize your lower back and abs, helping you stay strong through the spine so you can increase the weight you lift in moves like squats and deadlifts while limiting your risk of injury.

Typically, these high-on-function (not so much fashion) belts are better for those with weight room experience. Experts suggest using one when you're lifting about 80 percent or more of your one-rep maximum.

Keep in mind, a band around your middle doesn't mean you can just forget about bracing your core on your own during lifts. You still need a strong and stable middle and a knowledge of proper belly breathing to safely master lifts.

Ready to buckle up? Any one of these best weight lifting belts will be a great choice for your next snatch, clean, or squat.

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Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt

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Made of leather, this belt feels smooth wrapped around your waist and also super secure while still moving with you. It's also extra durable: The company will send you a new one at no cost if it gets damaged. Use your natural waist circumference when ordering the correct size, but with every option, you get four additional inches of lengthwise coverage. This weight lifting belt is a best-seller on Amazon as well, with more than 9,500 five-star reviews.

One reviewer wrote: "This belt has become my favorite lifting belt. It fits snug and gives plenty of support. I like that it's sturdy but soft so there is no break in time. It was comfortable and supportive the first time I used it. I have used nylon and leather belts and this one from Dark Iron is my go to belt now. It doesn't dig into my ribs and there's plenty of holes to get just the right compression. Seems like a solid belt so far!!"

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Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

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This weight lifting belt offers a contoured shape for an almost custom fit. With narrow sides, you won't rub your rib cage, while the wide ends and reinforced lower spine coverage helps to prevent injury. Unlike leather options, the stitched design to this weight lifting belt gives you greater flexibility. Another perk: It comes in a variety of patterns that fit any gym style.

"Love this belt. I have never worn a belt this comfortable before. You forget you're wearing it because the contour makes it incredibly easy to move in yet at the same time providing maximal support in the lower back and abdominal regions. The extra security of the latch on the 'buckle' ensures that they Velcro's strap (which is very strong on its own) ensures that it will not loosen nor fail. This is a belt I can work out in and feel secure with during all of my heavy lifts, and I need that given my history of back injuries from my time in the Marines. Semper Fi, Fire Team Fit! Great job on producing a quality product!" raved a shopper.

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ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

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At five millimeters, this weight lifting belt runs a little thicker than others, so it will feel a bit more rigid and a lot more stable. You get plenty of buckle holes, too, so you can easily adjust its grip. You'll feel confident and secure through any power lift. Not to mention, with over 3,600 reviews, this belt has a near-perfect five-star rating from Amazon buyers. (

"This is without doubt the best belt I have ever owned," reported a customer. "And I have owned over 4 different belts through the 15+ years of training I have been doing. My favorite part about this belt is how smooth and comfortable the leather on this belt is, while providing great amount of supper on the lower back. Usually with other belts, I don't wear it throughout my whole workout because they ride into the side of my waist. But NOT this belt. I can have it on through the full hour of intense training and weightlifting. By day traded I am a chiropractor so Its very important for me to own top quality weight lifting products to keep my body in good shape. This belt gets 5 Stars form me and highest recommendation for providing optimal support."

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Strongcore Weight Lifting Belt


The best part about this weight lifting belt is the bonus you get along with it: Every purchase come with a training chart that calculates percentages of various 1 rep max weights, so you can make sure you're racking the proper weight for every set — no math required! Plus, the rounded edges on this belt won't irritate your skin.

"The belt is much more comfortable than previous belts that I've worn. I've been able to make gains on my squats and deadlifts with this belt. Great product and would highly recommend for anyone looking for a good weightlifting belt," wrote one customer.

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Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt

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Measure your waist (not your pant size!) to find your just-right fit for this flexible, durable weight lifting belt. Amazon reviewers rave how secure they felt in the Velcro closure. That sense of stability comes courtesy of a locking feature that keeps the adjustable strap stable, no matter how much power you put into your lifts.

One reviewer wrote: "I love this belt! It gives perfect support and never gets in the way. I added 50 lbs. to my squat and dead lift. It appears very durable and gives uncompromising support. The velcro gives the perfect fit every time and keeps a very solid hold. Just be sure to wear it in the proper place (right over the love handles.) Iron Bull, I'm a fan."

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Harbinger Women's Nylon Weight Lifting Belt

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If you're looking for something a little more lightweight, this affordable, highly-rated belt has your back (literally!). Available in three sizes and adjustable thanks to Velcro, you can easily find the fit that works best for your body and any movement. The foam center and breathable lining also offer better airflow and flexibility for more freedom to go rogue in the weight room. (

"My first weightlifting belt and it is amazing!" raved a fan. "I should've invested into one of these a long time ago. I squatted on the smith machine for the first time and noticed that my middle back was in the most pain. My legs are already strong because I've been training them in other ways. My boyfriend told me I needed a belt, so I bought one. I haven't since squatted with it, but it has already done wonders. I have an old back injury at the bottom of my spine that affect my hips. It comes back every so often. This belt has actually helped me a lot with lifting heavy weights and even doing weighted side lunges. (My old injury restricts me from the easiest movement sometimes.. it sucks). I would recommend this belt to any women interested in increasing their weights and strength."

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Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt

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Flexibility and security are yours with this weight lifting belt. Made of 100 percent nylon, it moves with you as you bend, extend, and crush each strength exercise. The extra secure lock means it won't loosen even an inch, so you get support when you need it most.

"I have used quite a few belts over the past few years and this one is top notch! I notice that all too often belts that rely on velcro alone quickly loose the stability they can provide an athlete because the velcro simply doesn't hold anymore. Not this belt! The self-locking buckle makes me feel secure; I have boosted confidence in my lifts and CrossFit workouts," noted a shopper.

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Hawk Sports Lever Belt

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Most weight lifting belts have two prongs you have to squeeze into two holes to find your fit — but not this one. You use one easy-shut single lever to find the appropriate tightness. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty and buckle replacements so this can be your training buddy for years to come.

"This is a high quality belt! Great value and was easy to custom fit. I have got into powerlifting, so much so that I think I may do a meet early next year. This belt is perfect for the heavy lifts for deadlifts and back squats. I added 20 lbs to back squat and 40 to deadlifts with this belt giving me confidence of it's sturdiness," shared a customer.

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RDX Weight Lifting Belt

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Wider in the back, more narrow in the front — this leather weight lifting belt offers a more comfortable fit, providing more protection where you need it and less rubbing where you don't. Amazon reviewers suggest sizing up if you're between two fits. (

One reviewer wrote: "I love this belt as a person with scoliosis. I was always fearful of heavy deadlifts and back squats so I never thought to even get a belt. Then over time realizing what the belt did in terms of your breathing to stabilize back and spine I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. This belt work like a gem. I'm increasing my weight on both deadlift and squats and have good stability and comfort. Top tier product."

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Master of Muscle Workout Weight Lifting Belt

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If you're looking for a budget-friendly weight lifting belt, wrap yourself up in this one. It has a Velcro closure and padding in the back for a snug, protective fit. With your purchase, you also get access to an e-book that offers technique tips for lifting.

"Excellent quality, my back is much better now that I've started using this during my dead lifts," reported a shopper. "It also helps even when your performing exercises that you don't think you use your back. I am so impressed with the support I can't believe more guys aren't walking around the gym wearing one of these. I like the Velcro better than the belts with holes, the Velcro lets you get tighter than the traditional belts."

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