The Best Women's Bike Helmets, According to Customer Reviews

Consider features such as safety rating, ventilation, design, and whether you'll use it for road or mountain biking.

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If you are someone who enjoys cycling, whether on a daily commute or for weekend sport, you know that a bike helmet is a necessity. Not only is wearing a helmet required by law in some states, but it is a vital safety feature to prevent head injuries.

With such a saturated market, choosing a helmet based on color or cute-factor is tempting, but safety and technology should be top of mind. "The most important feature for people to look for in choosing a helmet is safety rating and if it has the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) system in the helmet," says Kelli Sam, the owner of LA Sweat Racing. In case you're not familiar, MIPS is a feature within bike helmets that limits rotational movement transferred to the brain during an accident to minimize injury.

When shopping for a helmet, another common mistake riders make is not knowing the size of their heads. "A wrong size helmet will not protect you in case of a crash," warns Sam. You'll also want to consider features such as vents, which help with airflow — especially important in warm weather or hot climates. Also, keep your hair length in mind, since some helmets are designed to accommodate longer styles, such as ponytails, adds Sam. (

You should also think about where you prefer to cycle: road or trail. Road helmets are sleeker and aerodynamic for speed, whereas mountain bike options are a bit more robust, says Sam. Mountain styles also extend lower to protect the bottom of the head. What if you split your time between pavement and dirt, or want a helmet that's more interchangeable? "Based on the terrain someone is riding, a road bike helmet may serve as dual-purpose, but an MTB should always be the go-to for any technical mountain biking," points out Sam.

Even if you already own a helmet that you like, it might be time for an upgrade. Depending on your activity level, the materials can break down after three years, says Sam. "If a person is riding three or more days a week on average, I suggest replacing yearly, and always after a crash or incident," she advises. (

Whether you are looking for an accessory for a new hobby or just a replacement, check out the best women's bike helmet options, based on expert and customer reviews.

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Smith Network Helmet

smith network helmet
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"For everyday training and riding, I love the Network as it is lightweight and has amazing ventilation," shares Sam. Constructed with MIPS, this helmet offers strategic zone coverage and protection in the areas you need it most. The clean design isn't dorky and the ventilation system allows for airflow and will also keep your sunglasses from fogging up.

On top of getting the stamp of approval from an expert, reviewers on Smith's site love it too: "This was a replacement of another Smith helmet that was damaged in a crash. Saved my head. Fit and feel are excellent, and the helmet is lightweight."

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Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

schwimm thrasher helmet
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Looking for something with more flare for your ride? This helmet comes in 23 cool shades, has an adjustable dial fit knob that allows for 360-degrees of comfort, and full-range padding. The lightweight, aerodynamic design won't feel heavy during your ride, and it has lots of vents to bring relief even on the hottest summer days. Plus, it's Amazon's best-selling "adult bike helmet," so you really can't go wrong.

"Might be the best women's helmet ever worn. I love, love, love, the adjuster dial on [the] rear to tighten as needed. Whether wearing a braid, ponytail, or down, it easily adjusts for a comfortable fit. The visor can be lifted up or worn down. Comfort, efficient, and clear visibility make this a great choice," said a customer.

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Thousand Heritage Bike & Skate Helmet

thousand heritage bike helmet
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Specifically designed for urban cycling, this style has a minimal profile and a vintage look, and also doubles as a skate helmet. Get a snug and secure fit with each ride, thanks to the easily adjustable dial and comfortable, eco-friendly strap. Another reason why city dwellers love this style? It has a hidden channel to pull a chain lock or U-Lock through to secure it with your bike when not in use. And if you need even more peace of mind, it's backed by an Anti-Theft Guarantee. (Related: The Best Peloton Bike Alternatives On Amazon, According to Reviews)

"This helmet is awesome," raved a shopper. "I love the style. I measured right between the small and medium sizes. Order up! The adjustment crank lets you tighten the helmet for a perfect fit. I love the lock feature! It fits my bikes cable lock perfectly. It's nice not to have to carry around your helmet. Love the single handed release on the straps. And that they're leather. Well, "vegan" leather, but I wouldn't have known the difference."

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Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

giro bike helmet
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Reducing rotational force is the goal of MIPS helmets, which is pretty crucial when riding on dirt-covered, rocky terrain. If you fall, this helmet will actually redirect the energy of the crash to keep you safe. A universal fit makes it easy to choose your sizing, and strategic vents ensure breathability and reduce sweat from building up and dripping into your eyes. Choose from nine versatile colorways.

One fan wrote: "First, I'd like to thank Giro for an amazing product that saved my life today. I live in Tucson, Arizona and took a mountain bike ride today with two of my riding buddies. Near the beginning of the ride I chose a bad line which caused me to be thrown over my handlebars. As I was falling I saw that I was about to land head first into a large and planted rock. All I could do was tuck my neck in and hope for the best. After landing, I took off my Giro Fixture helmet and saw that my visor had been broken off and my sunglasses had been snapped. I then looked at the Giro Fixture helmet and saw that the hard shell was smashed in and the core had cracked in several places. I then looked at the rock I had landed on head first and immediately thought, I could have died for sure without this helmet. I was able to walk away with minor scratches on my hand and face which is a testament to the outstanding construction of the Giro Fixture Helmet."

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Smith Express MIPS

smith express bike helmet
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City commuters might choose this for its streamlined and minimal look, but they will truly appreciate all the safety features packed into this helmet. The MIPS Brain Protection System keeps the head safe in case of an accident, and a reflective strap and pop-in rear light keep you visible on dark or unlit roads. It also has an adjustable fit, lightweight feel, and 13 vents to aid in breathability. The removable visor helps cut glare and keeps the sweat out of your eyes. (Related: The 8 Best Headlamps for Outdoor Activities)

"This is a great commuter helmet. The light in the back is really cool to have. I'm a female who thinks this style looks a little weird on my head, but by attaching the visor the helmet comes with, it gives it some shape. The visor can come on or off. Really enjoy this helmet." shared a customer.

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Bern Watts 2.0 Helmet

bike helmet bern watts blush

Enjoy your ride to work or the beach, knowing you will be fully guarded against falls in this adorable helmet with MIPS protection. The lightweight option has a twist dial you can adjust for a snug fit, while an integrated waterproof LED system keeps you safe on the road (the light lasts up to ten hours on a single charge, and can be charged with a mini USB). It also boasts 11 vents for airflow to keep you comfy and cool while you ride.

"I recently got my hands on the Bern Helmet Watts 2.0 in the matte Army Green color and I absolutely love it," Yari DeJesus, founder of Women on Wheels Boston, an organization which brings cyclists together and encourages bicycle safety through education, community outreach, and events, told Shape. "This helmet is super stylish and comfortable. I wear it mostly during my weekend cycling adventures with my cycling group and I always get complimented. When I shop for helmets, I specifically look for nice styles, comfort, and safety; the Watts 2.0 helmet has an adjuster in the back that fits any head size and the best part is the inside foam interior for protection and comfort."

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Exclusky MTB Helmet for Adults

exclusky bike helmet
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If you want to start mountain biking as a casual hobby versus a lifestyle, spending lots of money on a helmet may not be in the cards. This style from Exclusky has all you need and is priced under $40. It keeps safety top of mind since it's constructed with a thick, dense foam to minimize risk and absorb impact if a fall were to occur. Ride comfortably, thanks to the 18 holes in the helmet that make it lightweight and encourage airflow. No to mention, a dial you can turn with one hand makes adjusting it a breeze, and the extended front visor keeps the sun out of your face so you can focus on the terrain ahead.

"This is a great buy when you just [get] started [with] mtb and are looking for a nice looking, comfortable, safe and affordable helmet. The quality is very similar to all the other more expensive brands and honestly works just as good. The padding feels nice and the price you can't beat ! I'm happy with my purchase," reported a shopper.

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Specialized Echelon II

specialized bike helmet
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A compact, ergonomic silhouette and increased ventilation allow you to rack up those miles even in super hot temperatures. It's MIPS-equipped — but fingers crossed that you'll never need it. Decals offer reflectivity when riding in low light or the dark. It has an excellent fit and speed racer look; even if biking is a fairly new hobby, the Echelon II will make you look like a serious cyclist. (Related: The 14 Best Bike Shorts to Add to Your Closet ASAP)

One reviewer wrote: "I had this on when mountain biking and went over the bike and landed on my head. This device saved my life. I have no doubt about it and I will be buying another one. It's comfortable, light, easy to get a good fit, and I can attest to its stability and form at the right moment. I wouldn't be here without this thing I don't think!"

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Bell Thalia Bike Helmet

bell thalia bike helmet
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Designed specifically for women, the Thalia is constructed with Bell's True Fit technology, which takes just one easy adjustment to tighten the chin band. Straps by the ears are set and don't need any modification for a comfortable fit. A cool ride is guaranteed, not just because you are rocking a fun-colored helmet, but air vents help prevent your head from overheating.

"I am an older, casual bike rider needing a helmet since I just started riding again. Although this is called a women's helmet, I honestly think it fits a preteen girl or woman with a smaller head size. My own head circumference is about 21". As my previous helmet was actually a youth helmet, I knew this would be fine for me, and it's perfect. The unit is lightweight and well ventilated. It is CPSC compliant. Its only adjustment point is the chin strap, which suits me just fine, as I have no patience for fiddling with multiple straps and buckles. It's a good, basic helmet that does the job and looks good. Love it!" raved a customer.

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Smith Forefront 2 Helmet

smith forefront bike helmet
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Another excellent MIPS option from Smith, this one is made for mountain biking enthusiasts. It features Koroyd technology to protect your head, and some reviewers claim the construction is so lightweight that they forget they are wearing a helmet. Vents help to keep your head sweat-free, whether from adrenaline or the sun. (Related: Turn to These Streaming Workouts When You Can't Break a Sweat at the Gym)

"Between the full-coverage shell design, MIPS liner, and Koroyd protection, there is no other mountain bike helmet that I feel safer in when I'm hitting the trail or racing my mountain bike," Sarah Rawley, an avid mountain biker and co-founder of Colorado's first women's only mountain bike race, the Beti Bike Bash, told Shape. "I love the integration with my sunglasses and the ventilation that keeps me cool and my vision fog-free."

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