These Simple Touch Wireless Earbuds Won't Get In the Way During a Workout — and You Can Score Them for $30 Off

Easily control the volume, pause the music, and answer phone calls with the tap of your fingertips.
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If you've ever tried to run on a treadmill or hop on the elliptical with a pair of wired headphones, you know the frustration of having to detangle them in the middle of your workout. Detangling your headphones alone can take minutes out of your day. Luckily, you can enjoy workouts free from disruption thanks to these simple touch and wire-free earbuds. The best part? They're on sale on Amazon for Cyber Monday. 

The Bose Sport Earbuds were constructed out of simple touch technology, which means you can easily control the volume, pause the music, and answer phone calls at the tap of your fingertips. The earbuds come with three differently-sized tips so they comfortably stay in your ears no matter how intense your workout gets. Plus, the earbuds are coated with special materials, making them weather and sweat-resistant. (Related: The Best Running Headphones, According to People Who Run a Crapton

What's more, you can even use these earbuds for your phone calls thanks to Bose's signature calling technology, which separates your voice from the surrounding noise and allows callers to hear you better. 

Bose Sport Earbuds Wireless Earphones
Credit: Amazon

Buy It: Bose Sport Earbuds, $149, was $179,

With more than 11,200 five-star ratings, it's no surprise that Amazon shoppers rave about these earbuds. "The fit of these is perfect. Not one of those shove it in your ear canal suction cup fits where you feel pressure and that affects the sound of it if it gets too loose," one shopper wrote. "These kinda sit on top of your ear canal and insulate on top of it. The wings hold them in place even while working out. I've run several miles with them in and had no issues." 

Another customer admired the sound quality during leisure activities and said: "These headphones deliver wonderfully. I wear them whenever and I use them for audiobooks, podcasts, and music." 

Other reviewers say that earbud automation came in handy when cycling. "The automation is really useful actually. Automatically detecting when the right earbud has left my ear to pause my music, then detecting when I put it back on to resume music is probably my favorite of this aspect," one said

Bose earbuds rarely go on sale, so you're going to want to grab this pair while you can. Shop the Bose Sport Earbuds for $30 off now before the deal ends.