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Brilliant Gift Ideas for Men, Chosen By Men

Brilliant Gift Ideas for Men, Chosen By Men

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Don’t know what to get the guy this holiday season? The editors at Men’s Journal picked 14 go-to gift ideas (beyond a subscription to the magazine, of course) fit for every guy, whether they're tech-obsessed or a gym rat, a world traveler or wannabe photographer. 

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For the Runner

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If your guy’s a serious runner, you can’t go wrong with this Ironman running watch. With easy TapScreen Technology, a built in interval training timer, hydration alerts, and more, this watch will be his new sidekick. ($79.95;

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For the Gym Rat

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This kit has everything he needs for his locker: daily face wash, oil free moisturizer, super close shave formula, after shave balm, and daily protein shampoo. Whether he's packing this for his trip abroad or tossing it in his gym bag, this kit is a must-have. ($50;

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For the Adventurer

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Skip wrapping up a pair of trail running shoes—this experience packs 120 miles of trail and incredible scenery into one gift he’ll never forget. Sign up for the Ragnar Trail relay race closest to you with a team of four to eight of your toughest friends. ($150 per runner;

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For the World Traveler

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Trust us, the guy who has everything could use another notebook for his upcoming trip. Field Notes offers this classic-looking pack with the manufacturer’s Yupo Synthetic water-resistant paper that’s supposed to keep from tearing, plus a bright orange cover so he’ll never forget it on the plane. ($10;

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For the Cyclist

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Let him pick his own bike. Instead, give him this set of steel hex keys, which includes six Torx sizes, two Phillips heads, and two flat head drivers. ($125;

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For the Skier

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For the guy who regularly shreds, Soul Poles makes lightweight, customizable bamboo options perfect for long days spent on the slopes. The best part? You have the option to have them engraved. (Starting at $149;

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For the Snowboarder

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Every mountain man needs a solid set of goggles that are durable, clear, and comfortable. These anti-scratch and fog-free lenses offer all of the above, including extra sideline views thanks to POC’s spherical design. ($140;

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For the Photographer

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Light meters aren’t only for professionals with fancy equipment. Upgrade smartphone images with this simple and tiny light meter accessory that plugs into a headphone jack. It requires an app and includes a carrying case. ($149;

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For the Bearded Man

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At Men’s Journal, we’re fans of keeping our beards in shape. Burrough’s beard oil from Prospector Co. keeps hair tidy while hydrating the skin. Added plus: It smells almost better than it will make him look. ($28;

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For the Stylish Man

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Finding hair products that keep everything in its right place and also make a cut look as good as it did in the shop can be a pain. Los Angeles-based manufacturer Imperial hails its product as “America’s strongest holding water-based pomade” and we can’t argue. Strength aside, it’ll make him look damn good. ($22;

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For the Coffee Lover

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Coffee drinkers know a French press (with the best beans) makes for a great cup of coffee. Bodum wrapped this model in a rugged cover, which makes it ideal for traveling and safe from shattering if it falls. ($43;

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For the Tech-Obsessed

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An external battery? This might seem like it's hardly worthy of throwing in his stocking, but it’s the one thing he’ll probably use the most—and your gadget-obsessed guy will know it. This one from Anker can recharge all types of gear, from a GoPro to iPhone. ($34.99;

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For the Fantasy Football Nut

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So he’s into fantasy football. Really into it. These dry erase draft board sheets will help him be the life of the league—and also make your rec room a bit less messy. ($79.99;

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For the Serious Baseball Fan

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These vintage-style blueprints of baseball stadiums are handsome enough for the living room, whether or not you’re a baseball fan. Have a two team house? Well, gifting a framed pic of a stadium is a lot less in your face than the loud jersey he’ll be wearing every game day. ($185;

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