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The Best Cold-Weather Cycling Gear for Women

Sugoi Off Grid Long Sleeve

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You've heard it before: Layering is key to managing your body temp throughout a workout since you can peel off items as you warm up. We could wear this snug, soft tee all day long! The warming-yet-still-moisture-wicking fabric is like the cashmere of the fitness world. For tips on cycling in the cold weather, check this out: Your Outdoor Winter Cycling Guide

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Specialized Element 2.0 Hybrid Jacket

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A good jacket is a crucial investment. This one has insulating properties, plus it's windproof and water resistant. It also has thumb holes so you can keep the sleeves in place. The reflective elements mean you can ride even in winter's unavoidable low light conditions.

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Sugoi Zap Bike Helmet Cover

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You know how helmets are covered in vents that are oh-so-great for keeping your head cool? That's not so awesome when it's already cool (or wet!) outside. This stretchy cover keeps wind and water out—and has more of those reflective accents to boot. 

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Shimano Women’s Performance Winter Tight

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These have enough loft to keep you warm, but they're still breathable—so you won't get super sweaty once you're warmed up. The chamois is perfect for long rides.

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Pearl Izumi Shoe Covers

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Typically, your extremities (fingers and toes!) get chilled first, since all your blood rushes to your organs in a fight-or-flight response to the cold. And, like helmets, most cycling shoes are ventilated—these help keep the draft from your toes. 

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Shimano Windstopper Thermal Reflective Gloves

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These gloves will keep your hands toasty. The four-layer construction will definitely retain heat.

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Klean Kantine The Original Classic Bottle

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Fill this bottle with hot water and it won't freeze, so you can warm yourself up from the inside out. This 20-ounce bottle fits most bike cages. (Related: Should You Be Worried About the Bacteria In Your Water Bottle?​)

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Michelin Star Grip Tire

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If it's wet and snowy, consider swapping out your tires for these bad boys. Michelin engineers developed the star-shaped tread to provide the right grip in any weather condition.

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Pearl Izumi Thermal Neck Gaiter

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This neck gaiter is expertly customizable. Not only does it let you choose where you want it to sit with a drawcord that keeps it in place, but you can also use it as cap. 

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