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Cool Workout Gear to Stash Your Stuff While Running

Brooks Sherpa Shorts

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In hot weather, you don’t want to be weighed down by anything extra. But when you need to bring your things, you can count on these lightweight running shorts—they've got an easy drop-in pocket in the front for your cash and keys, and a zip packet on the back waistband to keep your goodies extra secure. ($46;

Photo: Brooks

Asics PR Lyte Waistpack

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Fanny packs back! And they’re just as relevant for runners as they are for tourists. Perfect for race day, this lightweight pack holds your essentials, gels, tissues, and more, and won’t bounce as you go ($25; PS: If you're heading to the gym, pack up one of these 15 Gym Bags for the Sweaty But Stylish.

Photo: Asics

Lululemon Inspire Crop II with Block-It Pocket

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If you’ve ever come back from a run and found your money soggy and sweaty, you’ll appreciate Lululemon’s Block-It technology. The sweat resistant fabric in the back pocket keeps your essentials safe and dry. ($92;

Photo: Lululemon

Camelbak Delaney Waist-Mounted Water Bottle

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You need water to survive a long run, but carrying a bottle can feel so awkward—and it can mess with your form. Carry H2O hands free, and store your phone, keys, cash, and snacks in the pack’s zipper pocket. ($40;

Photo: Camelbak

New Balance Print Shapely Shaper

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Breathable and supportive, this sports bra keeps you comfortable while you jog. And since you’re probably already tucking a five dollar bill in your bra in case you need to buy fuel on-the-go, New Balance designed in a little stash pocket ($39; 

Photo: New Balance

Pure Gear HIP Sports Armband

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Wear your phone on your arm—without the interference of a plastic sleeve—with this antibacterial and odor-free armband, which includes a place for your ID, cards, and keys. When you’re done with your run, use the removable case’s built in kickstand to watch videos or surf the web ($40;

Photo: Pure Gear

The North Face Better Than Naked Long Haul Skirt

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The wide waistband on this skirt (yes, it’s for running!) has one pocket, and there’s another on the three-inch boy short liner. And if that weren’t enough, the back waistband has a zipper pocket—giving you plenty of space to store your stuff ($65;

Photo: The North Face

Pocketbands Wristbands

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These sleek bracelets have a little compartment to hold keys and cash (and that’s it). Since they’re water- and sweat-proof, they’re great for surfing too (or just running on a rainy day) ($9;

Photo: Pocketbands


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