Cute Camping Gear to Make Your Outdoor Adventures Pretty AF

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And they're all 100 percent practical. Because, survival.

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Functional Camping Gear That's Actually Cute

Functional Camping Gear That's Actually Cute
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If you're headed for a weekend in the woods, you have to be ready for two things: surviving in the wilderness and getting that 'gram.

Despite how your hard-core adventure babes might scoff as you set up string lights and choose your cooler based on color, cute gear doesn't mean you're compromising functionality. Pretty much every legit outdoor company is now releasing their reliable equipment with bold patterns, bright colors, and nuanced functions that double to light up your hike as well as your photo. So get those #campvibes inside your insulated, artful sleeping bag and colorful, waterproof tent.

Here are 17 of the cutest things you'd actually also need on a camping trip.

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A Cute Camping Mug

Gentlemen's Hardware Sportsmans Camping Enamel Travel Mug "The Outdoors Is Calling"
Gentlemen's Hardware

After a night of sleeping on the ground, the only thing better than hot coffee is it being served up with a reminder of why you're in the woods to start with.

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A Lazy-Day Hammock

A Lazy-Day Hammock

Don't deprive yourself of one of the most relaxing experiences known to (wo)man: Climbing into a hammock for quality time with your summer read that will inevitably turn into a glorious afternoon nap—don't fight it. Kammok's silky soft designs come in super-fun colors to pop lakeside, and the single-person Roo can hold up to 400 pounds (in case your Bernese Mountain Dog wants to get in on the action) but weighs just 10 ounces in your pack.

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Loveseat Camping Chair

Loveseat Camping Chair

Get extra snuggly around the fire with a camp chair made for two. It's basically #campvibes + #relationshipgoals, all in one.

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An Outdoorsy Hat

Man wearing a Parks Project Hat
Parks Project

In truth, the best camping accessory is a beautiful, wild, awe-inspiring backdrop—which is probably exactly why you're headed to a national park for your trip. This dope hat lets you say thanks not just by showing your love to our protected land, but also because every Parks Project purchase contributes to the conservation of our national parks. (Not to mention, protection from the harsh sun.)

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Insulated Wine Jug and Tumblers

Insulated Wine Jug and Tumblers

Skip the lukewarm wine and broken glass by pouring your wine into this insulated jug, which holds an entire bottle of vino at keeps it the perfect temp for 24 hours. Color coordinate that cheers pic with the matching wine tumblers, designed to hold two servings of wine each (though we're not judging if you go back for refills...).

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Leather Firewood Holder

Leather Firewood Holder
Duluth Trading Co

Splitting wood will carve killer muscles, but carrying armloads of it will just leave you covered in dirt and splinters. Load it into this rugged twill-and-leather log carrier for easy transport (and one classy campsite pic). (

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Plastic String Lights

Plastic String Lights

Just like a backyard BBQ, string lights can take your campsite from average to 'gram-worthy. (Plus they really help you avoid tripping over things.) These from BioLite stack down small for easy travel, are dimmable (150 lumens at brightest), and plastic in case you drop 'em during setup. They do require a plug-in via USB, but if your site doesn't have a power hookup, a portable charger would probably work.

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A Warm and Durable Blanket

A Warm and Durable Blanket

Picnic on this baby at the beach or stay warm under the stars—these puffy blankets are water-resistant, made from ripstop nylon (read: durable), lightweight, and filled with the stuff in sleeping bags and insulated jackets. Plus, Rmpl's products all come in bold prints that really pop, like palm leaves, sunset gradients, and this PNW forest shot.

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A Bright and Bold Tent

The North Face

The North Face is seriously upping their IG game with their Homestead Collection, which features backpacks, duffels, sleeping bags, and shelters in colorful prints. We love this three-person Homestead Domey tent which, in addition to being adorable with its vibrant hues, is durable, easy to put up, and super roomy. (Packing a smaller crowd? Opt for one of these top-rated tents.)

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A Pretty Pastel Cooler

Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler

Serious outdoorsmen have long worshipped Yeti coolers for their durable design and ability to keep fish on ice for days on end. It stows behind your car's front seat but still fits 24 bags of ice. Plus, its new height accommodates an upright bottle of wine.

And all these perks now come in really cute colors, like sagebrush green—you know, for those of us who want both a frosty beer and pretty props.

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A Cute Camper

Friends gathering around the Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

Airstreams are the ideal adventure rig for those with money to burn and a strong aversion to sleeping on the ground and peeing in the bushes. The Sport has the trademark look of the All American Adventure, plus all the comforts of home—a kitchen, bathroom, bed, eating space, and heating/cooling. And it's the ideal size—roomy for two yet small enough that towing over mountain roads won't restrict you to a 30-mph crawl.

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A Retro Flask

A Retro Flask

On the list of things most important things to bring into the woods, just behind food, water, shelter, a first aid kit, and a fire starter, is whiskey. This classic canteen from Stanley is easy to fill thanks to its wide mouth but small enough to slide in the pocket of your flannel. Plus, it's leak-proof so you won't smell like a bar floor—or attract those lush bears. (Just add it to your list of hiking essentials.)

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A Colorful Day Pack

A Colorful Day Pack

The Fjallraven High Coast 24 is the perfect size pack for a day hike and, with a drawstring top, offers easy access to the snacks and gear inside. We love the orange for the perfect pop of color against a green forest or white sandy beach.

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A Cozy Crib

Mammut’s Women’s Perform Fiber Bag – 10C

If you're headed up into the clouds, you'll want a sleeping bag that keeps you cozy, no matter what temperatures you face–and the Mammut Women's Perform Fiber Bag does just that. "It's a versatile, three-season sleeping bag because it covers any weather you're likely to encounter in the mountains, besides full-on winter conditions," says Dave Furman, a camping gear pro at Mammut.

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Mood Lighting and Music

Luci Explore from Glamping Hub resting on a tree branch
Glamping Hub

This solar-powered tool from Glamping Hub go-to brand Mpowerd is an app-driven light on one side—just choose a hue to suit your mood—and a Bluetooth speaker on the other. So once the sun starts to set, sync up the speaker to your favorite playlist and get the campfire blazing.

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For a Moveable Feast

The RS Barcelona Mon Oncle BBQ
The RS Barcelona

This camping must-have may look like a suitcase straight from the '50s, but it's actually a chic BBQ–just add coals. Make sure you stock up on the ingredients to make some of the best camping food your tastebuds have ever met.

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For Your Morning Joe

The Field Barista Set from Snow Peak
Snow Peak

This coffee-making essentials set from Snow Peak includes a stainless steel kettle, a mini-grinder, and a drip funnel that perches on your cup for a perfect pour-over. Who said you can't have barista-level coffee when you're in the middle of nowhere?

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