This is the sweetest thing to ever come out of the iconic race—and yes, sprinkles are included!

By Faith Brar

The Boston Marathon is a big deal, which is why Massachusetts-based Dunkin' Donuts is partnering with running and lifestyle brand Saucony to create some sweet kicks (pun intended) to celebrate the occasion. (ICYMI, Dunkin' also released Girl Scout–inspired coffee.)

Using Saucony's infamous Kinvara 9 running shoe silhouette as a canvas, the Saucony x Dunkin' Kinvara 9 will have some serious DD-inspired hues. The back, for instance, features a pink frosted donut with sprinkles flying off toward the front to convey movement and speed-perfect for runners who need an extra boost at the 20-mile mark. (Shoes on the brain? Check out our favorites in every category from the 2018 Shape Sneaker Awards.)

Inside, the right insole boasts a Dunkin' hot coffee, and the left, an iced version. And of course, the coffee giant's signature tagline "America runs on Dunkin'" made it onto the design, placed along the reflective stripe toward the back. Even the custom sneaker packaging recreates the classic Dunkin' Donuts box. (You're going to also want to check out these #Sneakerporn Instagram accounts for serious shoe envy.)

Each set of sneaks will come with black, orange, and magenta laces, allowing you to customize your look. And, if you're running the iconic marathon on April 16, the bright colors could help you cross the finish line at the end of 26.2. (Don't forget about the two most important qualities of any running shoe.)

The limited-edition Kinvara 9 cost $110 and are available for pre-order on today.

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