This Stationary Bike Stand Turns Your Outdoor Bike Into a Makeshift Peloton

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There are so many streaming options available that can help you get in a good sweat session, but if cycling is your preferred cardio method, that means there's a barrier to entry you have to face if you want to do it at home: You need a bike. Fortunately, it's never been easier to get a good biking workout in at home.

While there are plenty of exercise bikes and Peloton alternatives you can look into if you don't want to shell out for the name-brand bike, if you already have an outdoor bike, there's an affordable hack that allows you to use it indoors. BalanceFrom's stationary bike stand (Buy It, $123, can transform an ordinary two-wheeler into a makeshift Peloton or stationary bike, so that you can train in the comfort of your living room.

The two-piece stand, also known as a bike trainer, has a block that holds the front wheel of your bike in place while the other piece props up and clamps onto the rear wheel axle, allowing you to pedal in place without moving. It has eight magnetic resistance settings that can be adjusted from a handlebar controller, so you can easily increase the difficulty of your workout as you pedal. (

Shoppers say assembly is simple. "The setup was a breeze and it folds up nicely if you want to disassemble and store somewhere," wrote one shopper. "It would be a little clunky if you did this every day (set it up and breakdown) but doable if you needed the space."

Balancefrom bike trainer

Buy It: BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand, $123,

With the help of BalanceFrom's stand, you can turn any ordinary bike into a temporary stationary one, but admittedly, it won't necessarily have all the favorites of an actual stationary bike. Some shoppers say that it's not ideal for sprints and its resistance is slightly less than you'd get out of a bike at your favorite cycling studio. But still, for its price, it really can't be beat. (

"Of course, it is not an EXACT substitute for a Peloton, but it did allow me to take advantage of spin classes on Apple Fitness+ (and feel the burn), as well as just enjoy casually riding while the weather is not exactly the most permitting," a customer shared.

For some, it's a total game-changer. "It has been my saving grace since quarantine. I have biked every day for a month and that would not have been possible without this stand," said one five-star reviewer. "This was the best purchase I made all of 2020. Please, save $900 and get this instead of a Peloton."

Whether you want to keep up a biking habit when there's bad weather or you want to take advantage of online cycling classes without shelling out for a stationary bike, this simple bike stand from Amazon is a seriously useful tool.

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