The Best Exercise Trampolines for Indoor Cardio

If you're getting bored with at-home cardio, might be time to add one of these small fitness trampolines to your home gym.

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The Best Exercise Trampolines for Indoor Cardio
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Kids that bounce in their backyard shouldn't have all the fun — trampolines can be useful for full-grown adults who want to spice up at-home cardio. It doesn't take long to get your heart rate up when jumping on an exercise trampoline, and there's no denying that catching air on one sparks more joy than doing all your jumps from the ground. There's a reason people head to indoor trampoline parks during leisure time.

If you've been meaning to add some cardio equipment to your home gym but you live in a small space, mini indoor trampolines are ideal. Think about how many you could fit in the amount of space a single treadmill takes up. Many exercise trampolines even fold up, so they can tuck neatly into a closet or under your bed. No need to keep one on display if you think it clashes with your décor style.

And the whole so-fun-it-doesn't-feel-like-a-workout thing actually checks out. One American Council on Exercise (ACE) study found that women burn an average of 9.4 calories per minute while jumping on a mini fitness trampoline, which is equivalent to running 5 miles per hour on flat ground. And study participants who jumped on the trampoline reported a lower rate of perceived exertion (RPE) than is typical for that level of activity, possibly because jumping tends to feel fun, making it seem easier.

Plus, a trampoline session might be easier on your body than a jump-heavy workout on the ground. "[Trampoline classes are] the perfect workout for people with lower-body issues, such as ankle, knee, hip, or low-back pain," Pete McCall, C.S.C.S., an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, previously told Shape. "The elasticity of the trampoline allows the body to move without the additional stress of ground reaction force."

Plenty of streaming services like LEKFIT, Body By Simone, and Obé offer trampoline classes, so if you need a little guidance on how to make the most of your trampoline time, you can tune into a specialized class. There are also plenty of trampolines to choose from. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive, no-frills option or a more premium model, here are the best exercise trampolines for adults.

Bellicon Plus Trampoline

Bellicon Plus Trampoline

Known for built-to-last trampolines, Bellicon offers a range of sizes and resistance strengths. Its trampolines feature extra-stretchy bungee cords (rather than springs) for a quieter, smoother bounce from takeoff to landing. The Bellicon Plus Trampoline comes with a detachable T-bar that you can use during challenging balance exercises. When you're done, detach the handle and fold up the legs for convenient storage.

JumpSport 350 Trampoline

JumpSport 350 exercise trampoline

If you've taken a trampoline class at a studio, there's a good chance you were jumping on JumpSport trampoline. If you want to continue to take advantage outside of class, you can take a cue from Goldie Hawn and add one to your home gym setup. The Jumpsport 350 has curved legs designed for extra stability, so you don't have to worry that it might budge as you're jumping. Its mat is attached with adjustable bungee cords that stretch farther than standard cords. They can reach three levels of firmness, so you can personalize it based on your weight and whether you prefer a deeper or shallower bounce.

BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline

BCAN Foldable exercise trampoline

The bestselling option on Amazon, this small exercise trampoline is designed for maximum convenience. It's relatively wide with a 40" diameter, but it folds in on itself twice, so it takes up very little room when you're not using it. It features a detachable bar that adjusts to four heights, so you can set it to exactly where you need it, whether you're jumping or crushing an at-home barre workout.

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline


Maybe you're a newbie and not quite ready to shell out for a trampoline with a triple digit price. For under $50, this simple option on Amazon will allow you to start taking at-home trampoline workout classes, whether that's from your favorite studio or the brand's own free workout videos. Made with bands and not springs, it folds up and is designed for easy assembly. It weighs 14 pounds — half the weight of many options.

Leikefitness Professional Gym Workout 50" Fitness Trampoline


If you find that most exercise trampolines don't give you enough room, go with this option with a mat that measures 42 inches across. It features sturdy rounded steel legs with shock-absorbing, no-slip bases, and strong bungee cords that allow for a jumper who weighs up to 330 pounds. Plus, it's surprisingly budget-friendly at just $70.

Stamina InTone Plus 38" Rebounder Trampoline

Stamina Intone Plus Exercise Trampoline

This two-for-one comes with resistance bands that attach to the legs of the trampoline, so you can easily transition from jumping to resistance work during your home workouts. (Here are the best total-body exercises to do with resistance bands, to give you some ideas.) The Stamina InTone Plus 38" Rebounder Trampoline also comes with a device that displays your time, calories burned, and number of jumps, which might make tracking your progress (and trying to surpass your last session) easier.

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