These Cheap Exercise Sliders Have 3,000+ Rave Reviews for Boosting Any Home Workout

With these convenient exercise sliders, the workout possibilities are truly endless.

Elite Sportz Equipment Core Exercise Sliders
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Don't let their colorful, Instagram-friendly appearance fool you: Exercise sliders pack a serious punch, amplifying bodyweight exercises and making you feel the burn. They're one of the most convenient tools for at-home workouts because they're super affordable and compact, and you can use them to work your entire body by incorporating them into nearly any bodyweight move.

Amazon customers swear by the Elite Sportz Equipment Core Exercise Sliders because they're lightweight, versatile, and practical — a dream combination. They're calling the $10 sliders a "fantastic piece of workout gear" for taking their sweat sessions to the next level, and say they appreciate how the products "work like a charm without being too hard on your wallet."

The Elite Sportz Equipment Core Exercise Sliders work on almost all surfaces; use the hard plastic side on soft surfaces like carpet and the foam side on hard floors like wood or tile. That means you can use them to sneak in a quick workout on your kitchen floor while watching TV or cooking. Plus, the sliders are available in vibrant shades of pink, purple, yellow, and green — because who says workout gear has to be boring?

Elite Sportz Equipment Core Exercise Sliders

Buy It: Elite Sportz Equipment Core Exercise Sliders, $10,

Unsure what to do with them, exactly? The package comes with a URL for free instructional and workout videos, which reviewers said they "love" and are "informative, thorough," and "a great help." Several reviewers commented that they're surprised at exactly how useful these are, and it's true: With the Elite Sportz Equipment Core Exercise Sliders, the workout possibilities are truly endless. Place your toes on the sliders while in a plank to further engage your core, then try moves like mountain climbers and alligator walks. While standing, place one foot on a slider and do lateral, forward, or reverse lunges. Or, place one hand on a slider to add intensity to push-ups. And when you're craving some cardio, you can try doing side-to-side skaters with them. (Try this 20-minute full-body sliders workout or this legs-and-butt slider routine to get a taste.)

The 3,000 five-star Amazon reviews describe the exercise sliders as an excellent (and inexpensive) way to boost your workout. Customers note that their "glutes are on fire" because of how effective the exercise sliders are, and that they work especially well for making moves harder while keeping them low-impact.

"After reading about members of the US Ski Team using sliders to increase their fitness levels, I decided to purchase these," one shopper explained. "I have never used sliders before, and the videos in the link provided by Elite Sportz are extremely helpful. They feature instructors demonstrating a wide variety of slider exercises at all levels, so that as I progress, I can continue to challenge myself. These sliders are sturdy, light, easily packable, and work on carpets as well as non-carpeted floors."

If you're looking for a fun, budget-friendly way to switch up your at-home workouts, give the Elite Sportz Equipment Core Exercise Sliders a try. They're on sale for under $10 right now — and that might just be the cheapest home-gym upgrade you can get.

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