A 'Shape' Editor Swears SoulCycle's At-Home Bike Is Perfect for Beginners — and It's $600 Off Right Now

Thanks to SoulCycle's at-home bike, you can break a sweat and boost your cycling confidence without leaving your living room.

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In this golden age of indoor cycling, the battle over the best stationary bike is just as divisive as the Team Jacob or Team Edward debate back in 2008. Much like the shapeshifting werewolf, Peloton has a reputation as a reliable, trusty friend that's always there to get your heart pumping and leggings drenched in sweat. But the SoulCycle at-home bike — the new, shimmery vampire, if you will — has scored glowing reviews from Instagrammers as well as a Shape editor. And you — aka Bella — are destined to fall head over heels for the latter.

Launched nationwide back in October 2020, the SoulCycle at-home bike may not have the same history as its competitor,but it offers all the same features — and then some. The bike itself is crafted with hefty commercial-grade steel, so it feels secure while you're out of the saddle, and it can support riders who are 4'10" to 6'10" in height and up to 350 pounds in weight. (FTR, the Peloton Bike+ is suitable only for riders up to 6'4" and 297 pounds.) To accurately track metrics such as power, cadence, and mileage throughout your ride, the bike is equipped with the same power meter used by professional cycling teams, according to the company. (

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Buy It: SoulCycle At-Home Bike, $1,900, was $2,500, equinoxplus.com

When you're ready to sweat, you can follow along with one of many on-demand or live-streamed classes set to tunes spanning genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, country, Latin, and more. While you pedal, the bike will measure how in sync you are with the rhythm of the ride's playlist — a SoulCycle-exclusive feature called Beat Match that reviewers say is the ultimate motivator. "After countless 99% rides, I FINALLY GOT A 100% BEAT MATCH!" Instagram user @Youbetyoursweetash wrote in a post. "...This is like doing the choreography from the classic Britney Spears music video 'Oops I Did It Again' and not missing a step."

Not feeling the fast pace and high intensity of instructor-led classes? Try the Free Ride function, which allows you to pedal at your own pace and watch your fave Disney+, Amazon Prime, or Netflix series on the bike's high-res, sweat-resistant touchscreen — a feature Akeesha Williams, Shape's social media coordinator, considers a major selling point. "It's really cool when you want to slow down, not have a really intense ride, and not think too much about the time you're on the bike," she notes. (

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But to Williams, the most notable perk of SoulCycle's at-home bike is that it eliminates all the pressure and nerves for cycling newbies. "I feel like with the in-person cycling experience, it's very intimidating when you're a beginner and everyone in the room is going at a certain speed and the instructor is just yelling at you to keep up," she explains. "With the at-home bike, you're more likely to slow down, take your time, and not injure yourself...When I went to an in-person class, I was really stressed afterward because I was so embarrassed — I was the only beginner, and everyone else was killing it and I was out of breath. Having the at-home bike took that stress and embarrassment away."

Luckily, you can snag the SoulCycle at-home bike with a steep $600 discount — plus free shipping and installation — if you order before January 31. You'll need to sign up for a year-long, $40-per-month Equinox+ membership to take SoulCycle classes, but in doing so, you'll also unlock access to workouts from Equinox, Precision Run, Pure Yoga, HeadStrong, Rumble, and TB12 on the accompanying app.

If those sweet deals and a Shape editor's stamp of approval still don't have you speed-buying the piece of equipment, let this reviewer, who called the SoulCycle at-home bike "incredible," convince you otherwise. "I'm extremely impressed with the pace of innovation (new features all the time), the quality of the rides, and the customer service," @dancingnancy1114 wrote on Instagram. "You won't be disappointed with the SoulCycle bike."

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