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The Fancy Designer Workout Gear I'd Buy If I Won the Lottery

Workout Gear I'd Buy If I Won the Lottery

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You'd think that working at Shape I'd get sick of fitness gear. But I don't! Sure, I might start online shopping for cute sweaters, spring dresses, or heels, but eventually, I wander over to Bandier's or Athleta's site and get lost among the chic crops, zip-ups, leggings, and gym bags. I just can't get enough. (P.S. Everyone needs to stop saying leggings aren't pants.)

But whether I'm looking for workout gear or real-life gear, one thing's the same: that sinking feeling I get when I fall head-over-heels in love with a piece...only to check out the price and realize that there's no way in hell—even if I saved the money, I just wouldn't be okay splurging that much on that. So I'm resigned to lusting over it forever. Unless, of course, I win the lottery. If you won the freakin' lottery, maybe your first big purchase would be a car, or an apartment, or maybe you'd donate to charity or something. I would shell out for this stuff, then head to the closest gym and get my sweat on in serious style.

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Apple Watch Hermes Series 2 collaboration

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Combine Hermes-crafted chic leather bands and Apple-designed watchfaces based on classic Hermes timepieces, and you've got a gorgeous smartwatch—at a wallet-emptying $1,150+. What's more, every Apple Watch Hermes model comes with a sports band in the classic Hermes orange.

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Perfect Moment Queenie Quilted Down Ski Jacket and Pants

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I literally don't even ski but I still want this matching jacket-and-pants combo, which, at $820, might run me more than a pair of skis (?). But compared to this $2,250 Fendi jacket I also covet (not to mention the $1,590 hat), the outfit is practically a steal.

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LNDR Defence Hooded Shell Jacket

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This jacket is lightweight and water-repellent with a reflective logo, a glow-in-the-dark zipper, and a super-soft cuff with thumbholes. And it all adds up to $450.

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Tory Sport Performance Cashmere Tennis Sweater

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How cute is this sweater? Plus, it's made out of a blend of cashmere and Coolmax yarn, so it absorbs sweat and feels extra-soft. And at $325, it had better.

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Tory Sport Soft Nylon Backpack

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At $395, this nylon backpack isn't just pretty, it's smartly designed, with extra-padded shoulder straps and a strap on the bottom to secure a jacket, umbrella, or yoga mat.

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Manduka Pro Squared Yoga Mat

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Speaking of yoga mats, strap this $360 one onto your super-expensive gym bag. It's oversized, "designed to last a lifetime (or two)," and made in a way that guarantees no toxic fumes will be released into the air, which is a huge plus. But it doesn't correct your form for you, talk to your phone, or, I don't know, fly—all things I'd expect out of a nearly-$400 mat.

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P.E Nation Off The Block Jacket

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I'm truly obsessed with this entire brand, but this jacket is my #1. The streetwear-inspired oversized fit and blocky logo, the hidden zipper, the high collar, the retro striping along the bottom... I'm lucky it's sold out in my size, because I've just about convinced myself that the $199 price tag is totally worth it.

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Fendi Roma Shell and Stretch-Jersey Shorts

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Recently, boxer-style shorts—with a wide, stretchy waistband, shiny texture, and slightly baggier fit—have been making a comeback, and I'm fully on board. These Fendi shorts are functional too, thanks to the stretch-jersey lining beneath the lightweight shell and a thick waistband that won't chafe. The bright color is a huge plus. What isn't? The $340 price tag. :(

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Live the Process Ribbed Stretch-Jersey Top

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What I love about this top is that you could wear it to yoga, then out with friends after, and no one would blink. It also has a built-in bra, which makes it basically two pieces of athletic wear in one. (That's the sound of me justifying the $305 it costs.)

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Valentino Black Camo Rockrunner Sneakers

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I think all sneakers are kind of stupid expensive. But at $795, these gorgeous kicks are like, super-stupid expensive. Still, the subtle black camo print, the suede accents, the badass rubber studs at the heel... I would rock them so hard.

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Lucas Hugh Blackstar Stretch Leggings

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It's easy to laugh at a lot of super-high-end workout gear because it's so clear that they're not really meant to be sweated in. It's atheleisure! These $345 leggings, though, are clearly designed with performance in mind. Those cool stripes? Reflective. That slimming fabric? Moisture-wicking. The high waistband? Designed to not slip down as you move. There are even cutouts at the inner thigh and knee for ventilation and a zipped pocket for a key or gym pass.

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Lisa Marie Fernandez Elisa Tomato Bonded Maillot

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This bathing suit is functional like a one-piece, but the classic Baywatch color and the deep zip down the front make it chic enough to wear to the beach or even under a pair of jeans. "You could wear it with anything!"—not something you can say for any swimsuit, especially not ones that cost less than $375.

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B&O Play H5 Wireless Earphones

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These headphones have moisture-resistant foam tips and have been tuned by sound engineers to pump out perfectly calibrated tunes, even during intense workouts. Also loving the built-in magnet, which lets you loop them securely around your neck. (I've lost too many headphones at the gym. I'm not letting go of $250 ones.)

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Fendi Top in Black Technical Fabric

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Yes, there are obviously ridiculous, gemstone-studded sports bras out there, or ones packed full of so much technology they must weigh 10 pounds. I love Fendi's bra because it's so simple: trendy block logo, black technical fabric, white stitching, racerback design—and a simple $270 price tag.

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