This website can help you choose the perfect activity tracker (before you shell out the cash)

By Sara Angle

If you're thinking about getting a fitness tracker to help you reach your health and exercise goals but you're overwhelmed by the options, a new service launching today will help you narrow down the field. Lumoid, a site originally intended to help photographers find the right camera, will now carry fitness and sleep tracking devices like FitBit, Jawbone, Samsung Gear Fit, and Nike+.

Lumoid lets you try before you buy by allowing you to choose 3-5 trackers you're interested in and have them shipped to you to test for just $20. If you decide to keep your fav, you can use that $20 rental fee towards the purchase of the tracker. (Need ideas for what to try? See 8 New Fitness Bands We Love).

The new service will help you find a match that best fits the type of activity you do, the features you're looking for, and the style and fit that is most comfortable. Lumoid offers a little guidance, as in the devices are categorized (by sleep, fitness, and other connected devices) and each device has a brief description highlighting key selling points, but beyond that, you're just going to have to order them and try them out. But even if you decide trackers aren't for you, at least you won't be spending big bucks on something you won't use! Get the most out of your testing by reading up on the right way to use your fitness tracker.

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