This might be the brand's smartest wearable yet.

By Faith Brar
Photo: Fitbit

Wellness-tech buffs thought Fitbit put its best foot forward earlier this year in April when it launched the impressive Fitbit Versa. The affordable new wearable gave the Apple Watch a run for its money with its connected GPS and on-device music storage, water-resistant feature, on-screen workout routines, and a display of motivational messages to keep users hyped. But now, the wearable giant is taking things to a whole other level by launching their Charge 3. This latest model to join the best-selling Charge family devices is said to be their smartest tracker yet. (Related: Stylish Smartwatches That Rival the Apple Watch)

The new and refined version of the Charge 2, the Charge 3 boasts a swim-proof feature that allows wearers to go to depths of up to 50 meters, a touchscreen display that's 40 percent larger and brighter than the Charge 2, more than 15 goal-based exercise modes (think biking, swimming, running, lifting, and yoga), and an impressive seven-day battery life. Yes, you read that right-you can wear this for an entire week without having to charge it.

The new technology will also offer a better measure of calorie burn and resting heart rate to optimize workouts and help uncover health trends. Not only that, but the Charge 3 will be equipped with a SpO2 sensor (this is a first for a Fitbit tracker; it's available in their smartwatches) that can estimate changes in blood oxygen levels and even potentially detect health conditions like sleep apnea. The latter insight will be available through Fitbit's sleep beta program that users will need to opt into. (Related: The Serious Wake-Up Call I Got From My Fitbit)

On top of the obvious performance and metrics-gathering perks, its lightweight and modern silhouette makes the Charge 3 super stylish. So, if you're someone who could never seem to decide between a fitness activity tracker or the everyday conveniences of a smartwatch, the Charge 3 merges the best of both worlds. (Related: The Best Fitness Tracker for Your Personality)

"With Charge 3, we are building on the success of our best-selling Charge franchise and delivering our most innovative tracker, offering an extremely slim, comfortable, and premium design, along with the advanced health and fitness features our users want," James Park, cofounder and CEO of Fitbit, said in a press release. "It gives existing users a compelling reason to upgrade, while also allowing us to reach new users who want a sleeker, more affordable wearable in a tracker form factor."

Want it? Thought so. The Charge 3 is only available for pre-order now on Fitbit's website, with the trackers going out for shipment and hitting stores in October. The bright side while you wait? The Charge 3 will only set you back $149.95, which is pretty much the same price as a Charge 2. A special edition that includes Fitbit Pay is also available for $169.95. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.