Fitbit Just Launched Their Sleekest Fitness Tracker Yet

Described as the brand’s “most elevated tracker,” the Fitbit Luxe gives users tools to improve their sleep and lower their stress — all while wearing a jewelry-esque gadget.

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Photo: Fitbit

Nowadays activity trackers do a lot more than just count your steps. They can clue you into things such as your body fat percentage, help you understand when you entered a deep sleep stage last night, or provide peace of mind with the help of safety features. And Fitbit's newest offering — which officially launched today, April 19 — is no different.

Described as the company's "most elevated tracker," the Fitbit Luxe (Buy It, $150, allows wearers to take a more holistic approach to their health thanks to a long list of features, including (but so not limited to!) stress management tools, automatic activity, and sleep tracking. Take one glance at the company's renderings and it's clear: the Luxe is far smaller and more slimmed-down than the company's previous offerings — and for good reason. See, the Luxe's sleeker design is supposed to make the device easier to sleep with. The more comfortable the gadget, the more likely you'll be able to wear it while you snooze and, in turn, get the most accurate data on your Zzz's.

Similar to the company's previous wearables, the Luxe also tracks metrics such as heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and skin temperature variation to provide insights into your wellbeing — all while staying charged for days on end. Seriously, the Luxe boasts five days of battery life. Each Fitbit Luxe purchase comes with six months' access to Fitbit Premium, a membership that costs $10 per month thereafter. (

A few of the new activity tracker's functions are inspired by lifestyle changes that many people have faced throughout the pandemic. Since the realities of the past year+ have been a significant source of stress for a lot of people, Fitbit included a stress management feature on the Luxe that the company previously only offered with its smartwatches. (

By monitoring your vitals, activity levels, and sleep, the Luxe is able to gauge how stressed you are and then assigns you a Stress Management score on a scale of 1 to 100. Being more tuned into your mental health like such can help you take better care of yourself overall and, in turn, hopefully, help you steer clear of the negative effects stress can have on your health (think: headaches, depleted energy, upset stomachs, and so much more). If you're a Fitbit Premium member, you can look at a more drilled-down explanation of your score and access mindfulness sessions to help lower those heightened levels as needed. Fitbit has teamed up with partners such as Aaptive, Aura, and Deepak Chopra to build a library full of mindfulness sessions. (Not a Premium member? You can also try these mindfulness exercises.)

With elevated stress levels can come sleep problems, another notoriously common experience throughout the pandemic. As with Fitbit's existing trackers and watches that are equipped with heart rate tracking, the Luxe provides you with a sleep score every morning. Taking your heart rate and movement into account, the tracker scores your sleep on a scale from 1 to 100. If you have a Fitbit Premium membership, you can look at more micro details such as an analysis of when you entered REM and deep sleep phases. (

Using the Fitbit Luxe in conjunction with the Fitbit app, you'll be able to view your Health Metrics dashboard, which shows collected metrics such as HRV, RHR, and, in the coming months, oxygen saturation or blood oxygen level — a vital that can be impacted in COVID-19 patients. While a low blood oxygen level doesn't necessarily indicate coronavirus, staying up to date with your SpO2 can be a particularly helpful way for those with COVID-19 to monitor their symptoms and condition. (More about the relationship between blood oxygen levels and COVID-19 here.)

What the slimmed-down device lacks in size, it makes up for in style. With Fitbit's thinnest touch screen yet and a polished stainless steel casing, the Luxe looks, well, luxe — and that's due largely in part to the design-savvy folks at jewelry brand Gorjana, who created a chain-link bracelet-eque band for the device. In addition to this $200 special edition Luxe, the gadget also comes with a slim silicone band in pink, black, or white that you can swap out for leather, stainless steel mesh, or nylon options for the same price.

Despite its name, the Fitbit Luxe isn't that much more expensive than Fitbit's existing trackers. It retails for $150. (For reference, the Fitbit Charge 4 costs $130 and the Fitbit Inspire HR costs $80.) The Luxe is slated to go on sale by the end of spring, but for now you can pre-order one on Fitbit's website.

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