Runners, meet your new BFF.

By Emily Abbate

Photo courtesy of Fitbit

By now, you're no stranger to smartwatches. Fitbit, a company with a mega foothold in the wearable tech and trackers category-thanks to styles such as the Charge 2 and Fitbit Alta-made more waves last summer when they entered the smartwatch game with their Fitbit Ionic. Featuring functionality you've grown to love from other big names like Apple and Samsung, the Ionic offers steps and activity tracking, GPS, heart rate, sleep monitoring, and water resistance up to 50 meters (meaning you can swim with it and wear it in the shower). But now, the company is kicking things up another notch. Enter the Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition. (BTW: New Fitbit Data Finds That Users In the U.S. Have the Highest Resting Heart Rates)

Announced today, the Adidas edition of the Ionic offers a few unique features, such as Adidas Train-on-screen, run-focused workouts that users can access with step-by-step coaching. It also comes with a two-tone, blue-and-gray band, as well as a custom clock face inspired by a race bib.


"As the leading global wearables brand synonymous with health and fitness, we're excited to have partnered with a sport industry great like Adidas to deliver an innovative, best-in-class training experience to help athletes of all levels unlock their ambition to reach performance goals," Daniel Shaw, senior product marketing manager at Fitbit, told Shape. "We're really hoping to offer an experience to runners and athletes of all levels that will help them improve their form, power, and speed."


As a runner, it's easy to forget to do all the other things that go hand-in-hand with hitting your stride. With the new Adidas Train programming, that becomes a thing of the past. From the convenience of your wrist, you'll have access to helpful workouts like a five-minute dynamic warm-up to help increase your core temperature and get your body ready to work, or a five-minute run activation that'll help you improve your hip, core, and shoulder stability. See ya later, sleepy glutes!

Retailing for $329.95, the Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition hits stores on March 19.

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