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Fitbit Trackers Just Got Easier to Use Than Ever


Fitbit upped the ante when they added automatic, continuous heart rate tracking to their latest trackers. And things are about to get even better.

Fitbit just announced new software updates for the Surge and Charge HR as well as an update to the Fitbit app, which include smarter heart rate tracking for high-intensity workouts, automatic exercise tracking, and more. Check out all the deets below. (Psst... Here are 5 Cool New Ways to Use Your Fitness Tracker You Probably Haven't Thought Of.)

Stop manually logging exercise. SmartTrack automatically recognizes select exercises and records them in the Fitbit app, giving users credit for their most active moments and making it easier to track workouts and fitness goals.

Track your heart rate during high-intensity workouts. Thanks to an update in their automatic PurePulse technology for the Charge HR and Surge, users will have an even better heart rate tracking experience during and after HIIT workouts.

Use the Fitbit app to track exercise goals. Reaching your next fitness target will be a whole lot easier thanks to the addition of daily and weekly exercise goal tracking in the Fitbit app (available to use with any tracker). 


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