The 7 Best Ankle Weights, According to Customer Reviews

They might be small, but they're mighty.

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If you've been looking for a way to amp up your at-home workouts, it's time you try ankle weights. These are typically weighted bands made of breathable cotton or smooth neoprene that fit snugly around your ankles, wrists, and even above your knees (thanks to the addition of velcro). Some even contain removable weights or sandbags so that you can adjust the resistance to coincide with your exercise needs.

Ankle weights add resistance and challenge your lower body while helping to increase your fitness gains, whether that be defining muscle, building strength, or losing weight. The versatile fitness tools can be worn during practically any workout, including walking, running, core training, dancing, aerobics, Pilates, barre, recovery therapy, and more. Plus, you can easily sneak them into any activity by briskly walking to brunch or doing laps around the office on your lunch break. (

Keep scrolling for the best ankle weights you can snap up on Amazon, according to customer reviews.

BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Adjustable Ankle Wrist Arm Leg Weights

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You can't go wrong with this pick, which has earned over 5,000 five-star ratings from customers and is a best-seller in Amazon's "Strength Training Ankle Weights" category. The band is made of soft-to-the-touch neoprene fabric, the resistance can be played with by easily removing or adding weights, and the velcro pad is adjustable to fit your ankle, wrist, arm, or leg to be used in a variety of ways. Choose from one- to five-pound weights or opt for the adjustable 15-pound set (each one is 7.5 pounds) to allow for progression.

One reviewer wrote: "I am so happy I purchased these particular ankle weights. They are so much better than the previous ones I owned and more comfortable! The material is soft, and I love that it is squishy because it brings the comfort level up even more and doesn't hurt my ankles at all. The straps are very secure, and they have just enough length for me to use the weights on other areas of my body like above my knees when I do certain exercises."

Buy It: BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Adjustable Ankle Wrist Arm Leg Weights, $27 for a pair,

Healthy Mode Life Ankle Weights Set

best ankle weights healthy mode living

Even with more than 3,000 customer reviews, this set of ankle weights has still managed to secure an impressive 4.6 rating from fans. The comfy padded cuffs come in weights starting at just 0.5 pounds and go up to 8 pounds. If you're an ankle weight newbie, don't get intimidated: One first-time user said that while they found them too heavy to wear on a run, they sport them around the house doing chores and have "worked up quite the sweat" wearing them!

Buy It: Healthy Mode Life Ankle Weights Set, $14 for a pair,

Sportneer Ankle Weights

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This top-rated ankle weight on Amazon comes as a pair: two ankle weights, each weighing up to five pounds for a total combined weight of 10 pounds. They're adjustable with five removable sand pockets, which can be added or removed by just taking out the inserts. Pro tip: One customer removed the sandbags and held them in their hand to increase the weight of their dumbbells — which, at the time, were out of stock earlier in the quarantine.

"Use the weights almost every day," noted a shopper. "Only use one on my legs. Started a 1 pound and now am up to 5. Is part of a pre op Physical Therapy program. Really have shown improvement since I got the weights to use for home exercises."

Buy It: Sportneer Ankle Weights, $30 for a pair,

Gaiam Ankle Weights

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From trusted fitness brand Gaiam, these ankle weights will add resistance to any workout, thanks to the two 2.5-pound straps, for a combined total weight of five pounds. While five pounds might not sound like much, many reviewers touted these for lighting a fire to their glutes when using them during workouts such as Pilates, barre, and more. (

"I've always been into working out for many years," shared a shopper. "I'm getting bored and it's time to mix it up. I saw a Tracy Anderson video on YouTube and she suggested the weights. I did it without the weights, ordered them, and tried the video again with the weights. Boom my booty was so sore in a great way! Sometimes I lay in front of the TV and do leg lifts. I've also put them around my wrists to do some arm circles. Nice lightweight, perfect for low impact training. I love using these when I do a barre video too!"

Buy It: Gaiam Ankle Weights, $18 for a pair,

Henkelion Adjustable Ankle Weights

best ankle weights Henkelion

Perfect to use on your ankles or wrists, these bands are made of breathable cotton, have separable bags to easily adjust the weight, and sturdy velcro to prevent them from sliding around while you workout. Pick from a four-pound, six-pound, or 10-pound set. (

One reviewer wrote: "These are absolutely amazing….extremely well-made, sturdy, and will definitely last me a long time. I use them as ankle/leg weights and arms weights. This brand is worth the price I use them every day for strengthening my legs, arms, and place them on my shoulders as I do various squat exercises. Great for at-home use or anyone trying to lose weight, tone up, or rehabilitate… love them!"

Buy It: Henkelion Adjustable Ankle Weights, $23 for a pair,

Yes4All Ankle/Wrist Weight Pair Set

best ankle weights yes4all

Available in a five-pound, six-pound, eight-pound, and 10-pound set, these ankle weights are made of soft, chafe-resistant neoprene that absorbs moisture and sweat as you exercise to stay comfy and cool through each rep. The durable velcro ensures they stay in place, as they add resistance and challenge your lower body strength.

"I'm loving these ones for my quarantine workouts," shared a customer. "I lift really heavy so I was extra sad when the gym closed. These ankle weights have been helping me tons to keep doing a bunch of my legs and booty workouts."

Buy It: Yes4All Ankle/Wrist Weight Pair Set, from $21 for a pair,

Bala Bangles

best ankle weights bala

If you want wearable weights for your ankles or wrists, but still want to keep fashion in mind, these cult-favorite, lightweight bangles deliver on both style and function. Each weighs one pound (for a combined total of two pounds), and reviewers love that they help add a little extra burn during yoga, running, aerobics, Pilates, core training, or even while doing errands or headed to brunch on the weekend.

"I got these for the days I am just going to Zumba and not weightlifting," said a shopper. "They are as comfortable as they can be for wearing weights on the ankles or wrists. They are adjustable which is great because my wrists are small and these fit and can be tightened or loosened. They stay in place when I'm dancing which is what I wanted and why I got them. They definitely increase the intensity of a Zumba style workout and I see an improvement in muscle tone since I started using them."

Buy It: Bala Bangles, $49 for a pair,

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