The 10 Most Comfortable Bike Seats You Can Order Online, According to Shoppers

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While most every bicycle comes with its own bike seat, not every saddle is made the same. A poorly-shaped or cushion-less seat could make for an uncomfortable ride, whether you're hitting the trail, city bike path, or even your stationary bike at home. Shape spoke with Kevin Lau, an REI retail sales specialist, about what to look for when shopping for a bike seat and how to find the best one for you. Plus, keep scrolling for a roundup of the most comfortable bike seats on the web, based on expert guidelines and reviews from avid cyclists.

When you're shopping for a bike seat, there are several factors you'll want to take into consideration, including your riding style, type of ride, and flexibility. "Shopping for the right bike seat isn't just about finding the softest, widest, or most cushioned," says Lau. "It's important to consider how the rider will be positioned on the bike and their riding style or type of riding." If you're traversing bumpy trails, for example, you'll want more shock absorption, while riders weaving through city streets will want a flatter seat with more support to provide stability. Lau also suggests measuring your sit bones in order to find a saddle that's the right size for you.

The Most Comfortable Bike Seats Online:

Beyond your type of ride, also be sure to keep your posture and flexibility in mind. "Although some manufacturers may label or brand their seats by bike category, such as road, mountain, hybrid, or cruiser style, the rider's position on the bike and how they ride the bike will be more important in determining the shape of the saddle," explains Lau. For example, many performance road bike saddles are ideal when you're riding in a low position, although many riders sit upright, so a flat seat would be more comfortable.

As far as comfort goes, the shape of your bike seat will impact your experience. "People who are less flexible tend to shift more on their saddle, so a more rounded seat could be better for them," notes Lau. However, "someone who's fairly flexible will typically be in a more stable position on the bike and can be more comfortable on a flat saddle." For riders looking for "maximum performance," Lau suggests that a "longer, narrow, curved saddle" would be the way to go.

Similarly, the type of cushioning will also affect the saddle's comfort. "Gel cushioning molds to your body and provides the plushest comfort," says Lau. "Most recreational riders prefer this for its superior comfort on casual rides." You'll also find saddles with foam cushioning, which "offers a pliable feel that springs back to shape," adds Lau. Road bike riders often opt for foam because it provides more support than gel while remaining comfortable for long rides; gel is a great option for recreational riders. Some saddles have no cushioning, and instead just have a leather or cotton cover. These seats, admittedly, can be uncomfortable for many riders, although there are some upsides. A cushion-less saddle "will break in with frequent riding and eventually mold to your weight and shape," explains Lau.

Ready to invest in a new saddle that suits your bike style and ride, all while not leaving your tailbone in total agony? Keep reading for 10 of the best bike seats you can order online, according to expert guidelines and customer reviews.

Most Comfortable: Giddy Up! Bike Seat

Amazon Giddy Up! Bike Seat - Most Comfortable Memory Foam Waterproof Bike Saddle

With more than 6,600 five-star ratings, it's clear that this bike seat is a shopper favorite. It offers plenty of cushion, thanks to memory foam, as well as durability, since it has a waterproof coating. Suspension in the form of dual shock-absorbing balls will make your ride smoother, whether you're using this saddle on an indoor or outdoor bike. Safety is also key with this bike seat if you're using it on the road, since it features a reflective band and LED tail light.

One reviewer said they "don't feel any soreness or discomfort" when using this seat, even after riding more than 20 miles a day. "This seat saves my butt and my nether regions.The padding on it is thick, so be aware that it will make you sit up higher than an unpadded seat. I think the extra height helped improve my posture while riding, too," they added.

Best Memory Foam Option: Tonbux Memory Foam Bike Seat

amazon TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat

Many bike seats are made with memory foam, but few are as comfortable as this pick from the brand Tonbux, which has garnered more than 6,700 five-star ratings and an Amazon's Choice badge. The saddle has 4.7 inches of memory foam padding with a durable, water-resistant PVC exterior, as well as shock-absorbing suspension that makes rides impressively smooth.

Shoppers rave about how much this seat has improved their experience on both road and stationary bikes, thanks to its memory foam cushioning. "[It is a] very soft and comfortable seat to replace my old worn one," one wrote. "A new seat with lots of cushion can make a big difference in a long bike ride."

Best Gel Option: Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion

Amazon Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion

This bike seat is unique because it fits over top of your existing seat, acting as a cover to add support and comfort. It's easy to install — all you have to do is lay it over your bike saddle, tighten the drawstring, and tie the straps. And since it's made with thick gel padding with a central groove that's designed to relieve pressure, you'll be in for a much more comfortable ride.

Amazon reviewers emphasize that this bike seat is a game-changer when used with both stationary and road bikes. "[It] fits perfectly, only took less than a minute to put on, and is much more comfy than the original seat on my stationary bike! Now I feel like I can work out longer without my bum getting sore," one reviewer wrote.

Best Affordable: Szxsdy Bike Seat

Amazon Comfortable Bike Seat Bicycle Saddle Thickening

With an Amazon's Choice badge and nearly 1,000 five-star ratings, it's hard to believe that this bike seat is just $13. But with memory foam padding, breathability, a waterproof exterior, and easy installation, this simple-yet-functional saddle is a solid pick.

Amazon shoppers agree, with many complimenting its improved comfort when compared to the seats that came with their bikes. "No more soreness after a long bike ride with this replacement seat," one reviewer wrote. "It's made out of a very durable material so I'm not worried about ripping or wearing out quickly."

Best Waterproof: Wittkop Waterproof Bike Seat

amazon Wittkop Bike Seat Bicycle Seat

This bike seat is made from supportive memory foam with a waterproof exterior that makes it great for all-weather rides. Plus, it's available in three versions for city, mountain, and touring bikes. It also has an advanced airflow system that allows for increased ventilation while you ride, so you stay cool and comfortable mile after mile.

Shoppers compliment how comfortable this bike seat is in a variety of conditions. In fact, one reviewer said the seat was "very comfortable" and caused "no issues" even after they completed a 15-mile ride in the rain.

Best Oversized: Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat

Amazon Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat

For cyclists looking for an oversized bike seat for either a stationary or road bike, check out this pick from shopper-loved brand Bikeroo. This seat comes in two versions: one with steel springs for outdoor bikes and one with elastomer springs for indoor bikes. The seat itself is made from memory foam for a plush feel with a pressure relief channel that helps relieve tension on your tailbone and back. The seat measures 10.2 x 10.2 x 7 inches, which is significantly larger compared to the brand's Universal Saddle, which measures 10.2 x 7.8 x 2.36 inches. It also comes with tools that will help you easily install it on nearly any bike.

Shoppers on Amazon's site say that the seat's large surface area makes for more comfortable rides, whether you have a larger bottom or are just looking for more cushion. "After just a week [of using the seat], my bottom is no longer sore. I would definitely recommend this product to users who are trying to get a more comfortable bike ride," one reviewer wrote.

Best for Road Bikes: Bluewind Bike Seat

Amazon BLUEWIND Bike Seat

If you're an avid road biker, check out this pick from Bluewind. It has a slim design that's still supportive enough to provide all the comfort of a larger seat. The seat also has shock-absorbing springs and anti-vibration rubber balls that offer a smooth ride, even on gravel and uneven roads.

Amazon reviewers agree that this seat is a great option for many bikes, especially road models. "The memory foam makes the seat comfortable, and the shocks definitely soften any bumps you hit on the road," one wrote.

Best for Mountain Bikes: Ergon SMC Sport Gel Saddle

Black bike seat saddle

This sport saddle comes in versions for both men and women, as well as two sizes, so you'll be able to find a comfortable fit for your body. It features orthopedic comfort foam cushioning with geld pads that offer support while still allowing you to move freely, making it a great option for riding on rough terrain. Similarly, material on the flanks of the saddle helps reduce friction on bumpy rides.

Shoppers compliment how well this saddle performs while mountain biking, in a variety of terrains and conditions. "[It's] made both short (e.g., one to two hours) and long rides (e.g., four plus hours) in the saddle on paved, dirt, and snow covered trails so much more enjoyable and pain-free, more so than any saddle I've ever owned or tried," one reviewer wrote of the men's saddle.

Best for Stationary Bikes: Zacro Large Gel Bike Seat Cover

amazon Zacro Large Gel Bike Seat Cover

This bike seat cover will be sure to give your stationary bike a comfortable upgrade. It easily fits on top of your existing bike seat (as long as it's a wide saddle), adding memory foam and gel cushioning. The seat also has a non-slip design that will keep you stable on stationary rides. The cover measures 11.4 x 10.4 inches, which fits on Pelotons and many other standard stationary bike seats. (Related: As a Plus-Size Person, I Never Thought I'd Find a Comfortable Exercise Bike — Until I Found This)

Shoppers note how well this seat works with stationary bikes, particularly the Peloton bike. "It fits over the Peloton Bike Seat well and is easy to adjust per your individual wishes," one reviewer wrote. "I no longer need the padded bike shorts thanks to this seat."

Most Versatile: Grean Bike Seat

AmazonGREAN Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion

This pick has more than 1,100 five-star ratings, and it's easy to see why, since it includes many of the features of a variety of shoppers' favorite seats, all wrapped up into one. The seat is made from high-density memory foam with a non-slip cushion that will stand up to even the sweatiest rides, whether you're on the road or on a stationary bike at home. Similarly, an airflow vent will keep you cool and dry indoors and out. The saddle also features shock-absorbing balls that make for smooth rides, no matter the terrain.

Plus, shoppers rave about this bike seat for stationary, road, mountain, and e-bikes, making it an impressively versatile option. "This seat is so comfy! [It] doesn't leave you sore and you glide over bumps," one reviewer, who uses the seat with a mountain bike, wrote. Another reviewer highlighted the saddle's versatility by emphasizing how simple it is to adjust to their comfort level: "[It's] very comfortable and easily adjusted to any angle," they said. "[It] keeps your 'seat area' cool when riding."

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