The Best Glass Water Bottles, According to Customer Reviewers

Get the ounces you need daily with one of these chic, eco-friendly options.

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Single-use plastic items such as bags, straws, and water bottles have, thankfully, lost their social acceptability. Showing up to the gym or anywhere in public with a non-reusable bottle has become a cringe-worthy faux pas — and for good reason, considering plastic water bottles contribute a huge amount of waste to the planet. Luckily, the options for reusable bottles are vast.

While all reusable water bottles aid in living a lower-waste, more sustainable lifestyle, there are plenty of reasons to choose a glass option. Sure, it's handy to see how much liquid is left, but another perk of glass is that it doesn't affect the taste — a relief to anyone sensitive to the metallic or plastic taste that often accompanies drinking from reusable water bottles made with those materials. They're also easier to clean since most glass water bottles can go into a dishwasher. And while the accident-prone might think to shy away from highly breakable material, the bottles are usually made from thick, durable glass that can withstand drops and falls or are encased in silicone to cushion any bumps.

Yes, glass options can be more costly, but the hope is that the investment in a nicer-looking bottle will encourage you to hold onto it for longer, creating less waste. Not to mention, it should get you to drink more — and drinking more water is one of the best things you can do for your health. Ahead, some of the best glass water bottle options on Amazon that will (hopefully) give you a reason to sip on some H2O all day long.

bkr 500 mL BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle

product photo of bkr 500 mL BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle

The company bkr was founded by women partners who wanted to highlight the importance of drinking water for your skin. They hoped that a pretty bottle would promote drinking more water, resulting in skin with a dewy glow. The silicone sleeve slips off the durable glass, making it dishwasher-safe, and the no-leak cap is easy to clean as well.

One fan pointed out that the price might be high, but it's totally worth it. "I had maybe (my) last bkr for two years, which might not seem like a lot, but that thing went everywhere with me! Work, gym, spin class, countless flights, not to mention just anytime I was running errands. I can't tell you how many times I dropped it or it rolled out of my car onto asphalt/ pavement. Countless times! I mean hundreds."

Tronco Glass Tumbler with Silicone Sleeve and Straw

product photo of Tronco Glass Tumbler with Silicone Sleeve and Straw

Unfortunately, sippy cups are for kids. But for those adults who prefer to drink through straws, here's a sleek — and socially acceptable — option. Each bottle comes with a matching straw and no-slip sleeve, and there are tons of shades to choose from so there's no doubt you'll find one that fits your aesthetic. Equally chic is the bamboo lid, which is dishwasher safe, just like all the other parts of this tumbler.

Amazon reviewers noted that it works equally well for hot and cold beverages: "The bonus of the silicone sleeve is it also offers some insulation for keeping your drink hot or cold longer," wrote one. They also loved that it came with two straws, just in case.

W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle with Protective Silicone Sleeve

product photo of W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle with Protective Silicone Sleeve

Drinking water should always feel like a celebration, so why not drink from a confetti-print water bottle? This one is surprisingly light to carry and easy to clean since the bottle is dishwasher-safe (even with a non-removable silicone sleeve).

Customer reviews on this one are all stellar. One stated: "I've tried several water bottles of different sizes, materials, and brands, but this is my favorite...One of my favorite things about the Porter bottle is the ease of cleaning it. There are few grooves and crannies for dirt and bacteria to hide in, so a little hot soapy water and a paper towel do the job. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend."

EQUA Glass Water Bottle with Faux Leather Sleeve

product photo of EQUA Glass Water Bottle with Faux Leather Sleeve

This chic bottle is for those who want their water bottle to be as stylish as their workout leggings, purse, or sneakers. The vegan leather cover is offered in options including a whimsical cloud print (above), rose gold solid, stone pattern, and cute yogi print.

As a customer noted, the look isn't the only great thing about it: "The metal handle is sturdy, the glass is durable (not as fragile as one would expect from a glass bottle), and the sleeve is stunning!" they wrote. Customers also noted that the bottle cover is difficult to remove the first few times, but after that, it becomes easy to take off.

Pure Glass Water Bottle with Reusable Protective Silicone Sleeve and Bamboo Lid

product photo of Pure Glass Water Bottle with Reusable Protective Silicone Sleeve and Bamboo Lid

If fitting into cup holders is a top priority, this is a perfectly sized container that will also easily slip into your purse or gym bag. It's constructed from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is super durable and can withstand temperature changes. A bamboo cap ups the eco-friendly game and creates a leak- and spill-proof seal.

A review from one customer described it as excellent for daily use. "I loved the rubber protection, which seems to add shock resistance, thermal isolation, great grip, and a very soft touch. It keeps water cool for quite some time," they wrote.

Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle with One-Touch Flip Lid

product photo of Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle with One-Touch Flip Lid

For those who run on a treadmill and hate slowing down for a water break, a bottle that allows for a quick sip is worth checking out. Not only is this BPA-free, but all the parts can go into the dishwasher (no need to remove the cage-like sleeve.) A loop on the side makes it easy to carry with the rest of your belongings. With the one-touch button, the top will flip open, making it a breeze to grab a sip of water.

Plus, it makes a fun sound that one reviewer pointed out as a highlight. "The best feature, by far, is the sound it makes when you open it. And clicking the button provides an unexpected feeling of satisfaction. Seriously, you need this bottle in your life. I bought one for my husband a couple (of) months ago and it still infects our lives with laughter. It's a great way to interrupt awkward silence while staying hydrated at the same time!" they wrote.

Purifyou Glass Water Bottle with Time and Volume Markings

product photo of Purifyou Glass Water Bottle with Time and Volume Markings

No matter what size you need, this brand has the perfect glass water bottle. The 12 ounce (above) is a great option to add to lunch boxes for kids. The 22-ounce bottle can work for any occasion, from yoga to hiking. And the larger 32-ounce size has a wider mouth for those who like to throw some lemons, strawberries, or other fruit into their H2O.

A very happy customer noted all the benefits of these bottles. "Lead-free glass, silicone & stainless steel only touch my water? Yes please! Didn't break when I dropped it several times in the first week? Yes please! Lifetime replacement on any breakage and a free gift? Yes please! The only glass bottle on Amazon with an easy open lid that doesn't leak to have any of the things listed above at the time of this review? Yes yes and yes!" they raved.

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