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The Best Jump Ropes to Crank Up Your Cardio Routine

Jump ropes are taking over TikTok — and for good reason. Portable and not too pricey, this one piece of equipment is all you need to get fit fast while having fun.
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At the end of the rope with your current cardio routine? Try the low-impact alternative that's taking over TikTok: Jumping rope. The workout burns more calories per minute than running while strengthening your arms, legs, shoulders, and glutes. It also requires just one piece of equipment and can be done in compact spaces, such as a living room. Plus, even the most luxurious jump ropes cost a fraction of traditional cardio machines.

Ahead, the best jump ropes for beginners to advanced skippers, according to a fitness expert and passionate purchasers:

Fitness expert Anthony Crouchelli, N.C.F.S., C.P.T., the founder of 1.method (a fitness app launching later in 2021) and master trainer at Liteboxer, is a huge advocate of jumping rope. That's because a regular jump rope routine can improve cardiovascular endurance and hand-eye coordination without overloading your joints, he explains. Plus, Crouchelli says the "beauty of jump rope" is that it's accessible anywhere at any time. (Sound up your alley? Then check out this no-equipment leg workout you can do at home, too.)

When buying a jump rope, the most important things to keep in mind are the weight, material, and length of the rope, according to Crouchelli. He suggests buying a jump rope with an adjustable length, a steel cable wire rope, wrapped handles, and the proper weight in the handles according to your fitness levels. 

Beginners should stick with a balanced, lightweight option without added weight in the handles or rope, as this allows them "to maximize the mechanics of getting the rhythm and form down before loading weight," explains Crouchelli. Advanced jump ropes (vs. traditional designs) will have added weight to better activate muscles and to challenge the body. This can be at little as a few ounces added to the handles or up to 6 pounds evenly distributed throughout the rope. Although extra weight allows for more effective strength training, it also decreases the speed of your skipping.

But weight isn't the only feature to consider when browsing for the best jump rope. Smart options, such as the Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie, will track your jump count, calories burned, and total workout time so you don't have to — and, thus, is a good pick for people who like to zone in on their body (rather than stats) while breaking a sweat. And then there are factors such as rope material. Although Crouchelli suggests steel cable, a plastic or fabric option could be a better fit for jump roping outdoors since they're less susceptible to breakage from asphalt or cement.

Finally, it's worth considering the rope-to-handle attachment as well. Speed ropes connect the handles to cable wirings at a 90-degree angle to prevent the torque from breaking the rope. Because of this, you'll also get more speed than with a plastic pick and better control over the rope to master tricks, such as a double under or cross-over. (They're also a great pick for this fast-paced 30-minute jump rope workout.)

Of course, knowing what to look for doesn't necessarily mean the best jump rope for you is easy to find. Skip the stress of sorting through thousands of products by checking out this guide to the best jump ropes, below. They meet Crouchelli's guidelines and left other shoppers super satisfied.

Best for Beginners: SPRI Speed Jump Rope

Buy It, $7

Crouchelli declared this SPRI jump rope his personal favorite. "People were most likely going to expect me to say some type of weighted rope," he admits. "But the balance inside of the SPRI jump rope is smooth, durable, and has not failed me in all of my years in fitness." The 9-foot pick is designed for conditioning routines, so it's made with a no-tangle, soft plastic rope rather than steel. Its cushioned handles are also longer than usual for a firmer grip. "One additional perk is that it's under $10," says Crouchelli.

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Most Ratings: Degol Skipping Rope

Buy It, $11

The Degol Skipping Rope is pricier than Crouchelli's pick, but it's made with steel rather than soft plastic. This improves the lifetime of the equipment and makes it a better choice for tricks or speed jumping. Unlike plastic, its length can also be adjusted according to your height — and at least 22,000 people have found their perfect fit thanks to this feature. Another reason to love this best jump rope? It's made with a ball bearing, an attachment that moves the point of rotation further down the rope rather than where it attaches to the handles. This reduces the chance of your rope wearing down and breaking.

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Best Speed: Wod Nation Speed Jump Rope

Buy It, $19

As with everything in life, mistakes also happen while jump roping — but this speed-focused pick is designed to account for any slip-ups. The nylon-wrapped steel rope swings quickly and evenly to help you recover from tiny fumbles, while the four different ball bearings maintain a wide arch for every jump. Each 10-foot rope can be trimmed to your height and comes with a spare cable in case you cut the first one too short. Pick between nine colors and join the 3,000 reviewers already obsessed with this best speed jump rope.

Best Heavy: Autuwt Weight Jump Rope

Buy It, from $16

Cement and asphalt can cause too much wear and tear on steel ropes, so this weighted alternative is better for outdoor workouts. It's made with a heavy-duty polyester material woven into a durable twisted rope that's available in two diameters and two lengths. Another bonus of the material is the added weight: The smallest option weighs 3 pounds, while the largest is just under 6 pounds. Although this best heavy jump rope has earned 1,900 perfect ratings on Amazon, there's one downside to the design. Anyone needing a shorter length will have to hold the rope below the rubber grips, which can cause rope burn. One reviewer says the free workout gloves included with purchase are the perfect solution.

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Best Double Under: Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope

Buy It, $13

Speed and consistency are key to mastering a double under, and this sleek rope is made for both. It's crafted with a lightweight steel rope with rose gold bearings on the foam handles to keep your rotations smooth and consistent. Shoppers love the removable 3-ounce weights, which let users adjust the difficulty to match their skill level. Plus, there's a thermoplastic polyurethane coating on the wire to save you from worrying too much about breakage over time, no matter how often you use this best double under jump rope.

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Best Weighted: Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope

Buy It, $99

You can't stalk popular jump rope Instagram accounts such as @kathyJumps and @officialjumpropedudes without spotting this well-known rope. It's the most expensive pick on the list, but worth the investment for serious skippers. The kit comes with a pair of slim handles and two weighted ropes to add variety to your routine. An easy-clip connection lets you switch between ropes for smooth intervals or even incorporate heavier ropes from the brand's other Get Strong Set. More than 100 reviewers call it "the best" jump rope on the market, and many agree the quality is worth the price. Shop it in four sizes based on your height. (Related: 5 Weighted Jump Ropes That'll Give You a Killer Conditioning Workout)

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Best Adjustable: Letsfit Jump Rope

Buy It, $7

Each Letsfit Jump Rope arrives 112 inches long but can be trimmed down to fit your proportions. Almost 100 reviewers rave about how easy the customization process was for making the PVC-coated steel rope their exact height. Similar to the rest of the best jump ropes on this list, this adjustable pick uses bearings under the (foam!) handles to reduce wear. And at just $7, it also wins points for being the most affordable steel wire rope on this roundup. 

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Best Smart: Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie

Buy It, $40

If you loved the competitive nature of Fitbit, Peloton, or FlyWheel, then this smart jump rope will be your new workout bestie. It tracks the speed, count, and duration of your jumps and pits you against other Tangram users for cardio challenges. One reviewer says it feels like a standard jump rope in that it's "just as light" and all the tech — a lithium battery and magnetic sensor — is hidden away in the left handle so "you won't even notice it." Setup takes minutes and then you can start tracking up to five rotations per second while using this best jump rope. The hardest part? Deciding which friend to challenge first.

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Best Cordless: Aplugtek Jump Rope

Buy It, $12 (was $15)

Welts are a common injury for many jump rope beginners, but it's a non-issue with this cordless pick. It uses the same basic system — two foam handles and bearings — to mimic the feel of a traditional rope. But instead of connecting, each handle attaches to a 270-gram ball to replicate the torque of a rope. You get the same workout as a traditional jump rope but don't have to worry about the height of your ceilings or the texture of the floor below you. As one reviewer puts it, it's a "five-star jump rope for a one-star jumper." 

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Best Tall: BeMaxx High-Speed Jump Rope

Buy It, $12

Coming in at 123 inches (a little over 10 feet) long, the BeMaxx High-Speed Jump Rope is the longest option on this list of best jump ropes. The extra length is ideal for anyone 6 feet or taller with enough added rope to perfect tricks. Sharing with someone shorter? Simply twist the knut in the handle to reduce the length of the rope. It comes with two separate wire cables (a speed and high-speed option), as well as cable protectors to confidently use the rope on rough surfaces. Plus, each kit includes spare parts for at-home repairs and an eBook workout guide. Despite all the perks, this pick is still only $12.