10 Top-Rated Swim Goggles to Keep Your Eyes a Splash-Free Zone

These popular picks ensure your only worry in the water will be mastering your stroke.

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While it may be fun to experience flashbacks to childhood summers at the pool during a swim workout, there are some memories that are better left forgotten — sunburns, sticky fingers, your nemesis pushing you out of the way for the last Chipwich at the ice cream stand. But at least you can dodge the sting of chlorine in your eyes with a pair of the best goggles.

Like any type of gear that's heavily reliant on fit, goggles are going to vary from person to person. Factors that get a pair of goggles rave reviews from one user may be the same aspects that make them a terrible fit for another. But finding the right pair doesn't have to be as complicated as mastering a butterfly stroke. Check out these highly-rated customer picks below for some shopping help so you're prepared for your next dip in the pool.

The 10 Best Swimming Goggles, According to Customer Reviews

A good fit is the most important part of finding, well, a good fit. Swim goggles shouldn't be so tight that they leave indentation marks around your eyes, but they also shouldn't be so loose that irritating salt water or chlorine leaks into your frames. Accessories such as interchangeable nose bridges and adjustable straps are useful for fine-tuning the fit — just be sure not to make the straps so tight that they pull the protective lenses away from your head (

The size and shape of your face are also going to play a big role in choosing the right swimming goggles. You can specifically search for designs made for women, men, or kids, which all vary in the size of band and lenses. Additionally, some goggles fit within your orbital sockets and sit closer to your eyes, while others with a larger frame sit farther out and may be more comfortable if you don't like the feeling of pressure around your eyes. Pro tip: The best-fitting goggles will stay on your face out of the water (and without straps) for a few seconds with just a gentle press into your face.

Your swimming location and conditions are also important for your selection of the best swimming goggles. If you're regularly outside in the sun, you might want tinted or mirrored lenses to cut down on glare; inside swimmers, however, might prefer a transparent or lighter-colored goggle for better light. Open-water swimmers spotting buoys — or anyone in a crowded pool on the lookout for accidental lane invasions — can benefit from wider lenses with a better range of vision, while anti-fog glasses are especially important for swimmers working up a sweat. (BTW, check out this guide to open-water swimming for more tips, risks, and benefits to the sport.)

If the thought of trying to find swim goggles online makes your stomach tumble turn (ICYDK, that's the underwater somersault that swimmers do at either end of the pool), scroll down to discover the best picks on Amazon, based on thousands of customer reviews.

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Best Overall: Aegend Swim Goggles

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

Wave goodbye to fogging, leaking, and annoying racoon eyes: Amazon's best-selling swim goggles have earned nearly 29,000 perfect ratings for a reason. They come in a slew of color combinations and lens options — including mirrored, tinted, and clear — so you can make the best choice for your lighting conditions (and to match your favorite swimsuit). A flexible frame and higher nosepiece keep you comfortable, while anti-fog treatment and silicone seals keep your eyes dry and line of sight open.

"For some reason, my face seems to invite leaking with every other pair of goggles I've ever owned. This is the only brand that actually fits right," wrote one reviewer. "As an added bonus, I don't have to wear them uncomfortably tight. So that means no raccoon eyes and eye pressure."

Even among reviewers that had issues (most commonly underwater blurring or issues with the antifog), many of them later updated their reviews to praise Aegend's customer service for helpful tips or even sending a new pair.

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Best with Nose Cover: Cressi Panoramic

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

A nose cover prevents you from inhaling water mid-dive — and technically turns a standard pair of goggles into a dive or snorkel mask. With 4.5 stars from more than 1,300 reviewers, the Italian-made Cressi Panoramic set is one of Amazon's top picks and includes both a mask and snorkel. The wider box gives you significantly better peripheral vision than typical goggles thanks to clear panes on either side of the face, and a soft nose cover makes it easier to equalize ear pressure in deep water.

"I'm loving my mask and snorkel," says a shopper who used the set for a SCUBA certification course and almost-daily snorkeling on vacation, as well as diving and snorkeling at home. "They've held up and treated me well for all of it...The fit of the mask is great. It sealed really well, yet was very easy to clear when I needed to for my scuba certification course."

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Best for Kids: Finis Frogglez

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

The Frogglez by Finis stand out from other picks by swapping elastic straps for a soft, split Neoprene strap that sits in a wide circular style across the back of the wearer's head. The design not only keeps small heads comfortable, but adds to their buoyancy to prevent them sinking into the deep end. Bonus: The strap is also reversible.

Many pleased parents report that their children find these goggles easier to wear and more comfortable than conventionally shaped alternatives. They also appreciate that children can adjust and move the goggles around on their own without help from adults. One parent even purchased a pair for themselves.

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Best for Adults: Speedo Mirrored Vanquisher 2.0

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

If Speedo is the Nike of swimwear, then the Vanquisher style is the Jordan. There may not be any newfangled features, but Speedo refined a simple design to reach its full potential. Mirrored coating helps cut back on glare, so you can see from every angle through the panoramic lenses, and the low-profile design helps reduce drag in the water. With four adjustable nose pieces included, a silicone double strap, and enough colors available to complement any swimsuit, the Vanquishers provide plenty of options within their classic design. (Related: The Best Surfing Swimsuits That Stand Up Against the Waves)

Among the thousands of glowing reviews, one long-time fan called them "the easiest goggles to use," noting that, "These goggles don't leak or fall off when diving. They are easy to adjust and are comfortable."

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Best Anti-Fog: Arena Cobra Ultra Racing Goggles

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

These swim goggles use an anti-fog technology that's built into the lens itself, rather than a separate coating. It can last up to 10 times longer than standard anti-fog, according to the brand, and it just takes a gentle swipe on the inner surface of the goggle to activate it. You can choose between clear or tinted lenses, as well as five various-sized nose bridges to find your perfect fit. Be aware that the extremely low profile is controversial with some reviewers and has mixed reviews on comfort, with some users loving and others finding it too low.

One reviewer raved: "I decided to splurge on these and I can certainly say they're worth every penny if you plan on swimming laps regularly. The quality is evident as soon as you strap these goggles over your head. The fit around my eyes is virtually perfect … It's very lightweight and by far the most comfortable I've ever tried on. And, finally, the vision — while a little dark — is the best I've experienced and virtually fog free, even through a 40-minute swimming session." (Related: 22 Cute One-Piece Swimsuits to Replace Your Tired Bikini)

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Best for Men: Speedo Futura Biofuse

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

Goggles are generally designed to be unisex, so most models should fit any face just fine. But if you're searching for a more stereotypically masculine design, look no further than the Speedo Futura Biofuse, with more than 1,600 five-star ratings on Amazon. There's plenty of padding for eye-area comfort, and the brand's "Biofuse technology" ensures you get the perfect waterproof fit. One reviewer wrote that they bought these goggles to replace another "rubbish pair" and were immediately impressed by the comfort and fit — so much so that they'd never deviate from Speedo again.

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Best for Women: Women's Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

Like their mirrored cousin, the women's Vanquisher 2.0 get plenty of raves — more than 3,800 five-star ratings, to be exact. The women-specific fit comes in as a design made for smaller, narrower faces, and the panoramic lenses and interchangeable nose pieces carry over from the other model. The lenses can suit both indoor and outdoor swims, with anti-fog and glare-reducing features. Available in 10 colors, the style is so good that multiple reviewers say they've purchased a second pair.

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Best for Competition: Speedo Speed Socket 2.0

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

Why wouldn't you want to compete in something that has "speed" in the name? More than 2,500 reviewers have given the Speed Socket 2.0 a 4.5-star average rating, praising its strong suction and wide range of vision. Plus, three nose piece options help you find your ideal fit. What Speedo calls "hydrodynamic lenses" offer the brand's widest curve lense; the inner-eye design sits within the socket with a low profile for minimal drag, plus extra long lenses to maximize underwater visibility. You'll be able to see above water as well, with anti-fog, anti-glare, and UV protection. (Related: These UPF Clothes Will Protect Your Skin During Any Outdoor Activity)

Reviewers like the goggles' minimal fit adjustment, comfort level, and lack of distortion. "It seems, with the 2.0 goggles, the designs and colors are back, and better than before," said one person who was a fan of their predecessor. "They are built just as good as they ever have been before. Well done, Speedo."

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Best Aqua Sphere Goggles: Aqua Sphere Kayenne

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

Looking for something a bit different? Try the Aqua Sphere. The aesthetic is closer to a snorkel mask than speedy goggles, minus the nose cover. The Italian brand studied facial geometry to create its oversized, curved lenses, which are based on three key visual radius points to ensure an uninterrupted field of vision. They also include UV protection and have a quick-release button next to the eye socket, which means minimal fussing with your straps every time you want to swim. Choose from four different finishes to match your swimming conditions.

"These are by far my favorite goggles ever. At any price," commented a longtime swimmer. "They fit well, are INCREDIBLY easy to adjust — better than anything I've ever tried before — and the skin around my eyes are normal by the time I'm out of the shower post-workout. Best of all, they don't leak. Second best of all, they are cheaper than most 'fancy' goggles out there. Strongly recommended."

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Best Polarized: Zionor G1 Polarized Swimming Goggles

Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles

A polarized lens isn't necessary for all swimmers, but they're helpful if you're an open water swimmer or spend most of your lane time outdoors. You'll get more accurate colors, less glare, and way less reflective and scattered light off the waves.

Zionor's polarized, wide-view lenses protect your eyes and field of vision, while the flexible silicone gasket keeps your cheekbones comfortable. Like the other picks, they're designed to be leakproof, anti-fog, and UV-protected. Some reviewers do have complaints about their longevity, but others love the fit and find the sun shade to be an excellent bonus in outdoor swims. No wonder they've even accumulated more than 1,400 perfect ratings.

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