5 Weighted Jump Ropes That'll Give You a Killer Conditioning Workout

Weighted jump ropes make for a piece of great portable training equipment that combines strength and cardio to get you fit fast.

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You're probably familiar with jumping rope—whether you were the queen of double dutch during your middle school days or skip in your kickboxing or CrossFit warm up. Not to mention, it's a celebrity-endorsed workout that everyone from Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian to Jennifer Garner swears by.

However, you might not have heard that weighted jump ropes are trending in the fitness space. These types of ropes provide a challenging, low-impact (yet high-intensity) sweat session that combines strength training and cardio. The best news? You can exercise with a weighted jump rope, literally, anywhere. (

The benefit of using a weighted jump rope is that it's a little bit heavier to turn, so your wrists and forearms will be working harder to keep it rotating, explains Pete McCall, personal trainer and host of podcast All About Fitness. A weighted jump rope also makes for a great piece of conditioning equipment; it combines cardio thanks to the jumping, speed, and agility required, while also incorporating strength training via the added weight.

Sounds kind of intimidating, right? So, is a weighted jump rope difficult to use? Actually, a weighted jump rope holds its shape easier than small, thin ropes, which can trip you up. Once you establish a pace and maintain momentum, the weight of the rope allows you to have more control, meaning you're less likely to have to stop to untangle the rope, says McCall. (

If you're looking to spice up your workout and burn an insane amount of calories, add a weighted jump rope into your rotation. Ahead, the best weighted jump ropes, according to Amazon customer reviews.

Pulse Weighted Jump Rope

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With more than 600 five-star reviews, this adjustable, weighted jump rope features ergonomically designed weighted memory foam handles, which provide superior grip and comfort while in use. And if you want to use it as more of a speed rope, you can actually remove the weights from inside the handles. (Burn a crazy amount of calories with this creative jump rope workout.)

One reviewer wrote: "This is a very well-made jump rope. I've tried a few others off of Amazon, and this is the best. I do kickboxing, and I was looking for a good weighted jump rope to improve my workout. I've been using these for two weeks straight and with all the abuse I've given it, I gotta say they are pretty solid."

Buy It: Pulse Weighted Jump Rope, from $25, amazon.com

Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set

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This weighted jump rope boasts a fast-clip connection system that allows you to switch effortlessly between light and heavy ropes to alter the intensity of your workout. Plus, Crossrope comes with a free app, featuring guided workouts you can easily do at home. (Try this 30-minute jump rope workout to squeeze in a sweat session when you're crunched for time.)

"Hands down my new favorite workout tool," said a customer. "The weighted handles, speed rope, and weighted rope all feel of top quality and have yet to cause me issues. The workout app is killer and whenever I skip rope at the gym people always ask about my Crossrope."

Buy It: Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set, from $88, amazon.com

Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope

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The handles on this jump rope are made of plush memory foam and contain a ball-bearing system within, while the polymer-coated cable guarantees smooth and quick rotations. Also great? It accommodates heights up to 6'8" and claims to be 100-percent tangle-free so you can jump for longer without having to stop and unknot yourself. (Give this 15-minute jump rope exercise a shot, which burns 13 calories a minute.)

"Super comfortable, especially the way I like to tensely grip the handles...so it's great that these are foam covered," one shopper shared. "The rope part is very smooth when jumping. There are no "catches," "hitches," or "hesitations" as you spin the rotations. Love it!"

Buy It: Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope, from $16, amazon.com

WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope

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Each handle of this jump rope holds a half-pound of weight (that can also be removed), which lets you fluctuate between speed and strength training. The portable set includes two cables—a thin speed cable and a thick, weighted training cable—to spice up your conditioning workout at home or on the go. (Boost your heart rate with this high-intensity 20-minute jump rope exercise.)

"This jump rope provides a great way to vary workouts from the standard speed rope," noted one reviewer. "Definitely going to throw it in my bag when I travel to spice up hotel workouts. The handles are high-quality—the right size for my hands and grippy with smooth turnover. The rope has a plastic cover that protects it if you want to take it outside."

Buy It: WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope, from $19, amazon.com

Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope

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Great for beginners and experts alike, this weighted jump rope has aluminum handles wrapped in silicone sleeves for durability and to minimize slippage. The ball bearing system on this rope helps to avoid twisting and tangles so that you have a steady, relaxed rotation throughout your workout. (Burn fat with this jump rope circuit, courtesy of a Barry's Bootcamp instructor and Nike master trainer.)

One customer wrote: "Weight is evenly distributed throughout the rope and not limited to just the handles. Adds good resistance and intensity to my workouts."

Buy It: Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope, from $20, amazon.com

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