The Best Yoga Blocks to Add to Your Home or Studio Practice

Surprisingly, not all yoga blocks are created equal. Here's how to choose the best yoga block for your practice and preferences.

yogi stretching with a yoga block to deepen the stretch
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Believe it or not, shopping for yoga blocks deserves just as much time and attention as you'd dedicate to selecting the perfect yoga mat. They might not look like much, but yoga blocks can expand your options by allowing you to modify moves during a class or at-home yoga practice.

Yoga blocks allow you to adjust poses to your current skill and flexibility level, says Mariel Castilla, area leader for CorePower Yoga. For example, if you want to maintain a straight back during pyramid pose, but don't have the flexibility to do so while touching the ground, a block can bring the floor higher. "You can use a block to stabilize and lengthen in a posture, encourage muscle action, and more," adds Castillo.

Plus, yoga blocks are a versatile tool for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Some of Castillo's favorite uses for yoga blocks include placing one under the sit bones (translation: the bones you literally sit on, which extend from the bottom of your pelvis) for support during an easy seated position, placing one under the bottom hand during half moon pose for stability, or squeezing a yoga block between the thighs during boat pose to further engage the lower abs, she notes. You get the gist — the possibilities for ways to use a yoga block are endless.

Just as there are countless ways to use yoga blocks, there are a ton of options to choose from when deciding which to buy. Not sure what to look for? Here are a few of the best yoga blocks to consider adding to your at-home arsenal.

Best Overall Yoga Block: Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block

Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block with a white background

Manduka is known for its top-of-the-line yoga mats (and cozy leggings!), but the brand's yoga blocks stand out too. These have a little more weight to them than your typical foam block, which means added stability when you're attempting to balance. If you love the softness and cushion of foam but want a more sustainable option, you'll appreciate that these yoga blocks are made of up to 75 percent recycled EVA foam.

Best Affordable Yoga Block: Gaiam Embossed Yoga Block

product photo of a Gaiam Embossed Yoga Block on a white background

While this embossed black yoga block looks expensive, it's actually very economical. The carved design isn't just for aesthetics — it also adds a little extra grip. This block is slightly weightier than the brand's more basic option (the Yoga Essentials Block) but nearly as affordable.

Best Narrow Yoga Block: Adidas High-Density Yoga Block

product photo of Adidas High-Density Yoga Block against a white background

If you find the yoga blocks at your studio to be too thick for your grip, you might want to invest in a block that's on the narrower side. This slim option also has beveled edges, making it a more comfortable choice and one that won't dig into your palms during practice.

Best Cork Yoga Block: Jade Yoga Cork Blocks

product photo of Jade Yoga cork yoga block against a white background
Jade Yoga

In general, cork blocks tend to be heavier than foam, which means less risk of wobbling when you're using them for balance poses. This one weighs just more than a pound, while a lot of foam options weigh half that. Also nice: It's made of cork that's sustainably harvested from trees in Portugal.

Best Curved Yoga Block: Manduka Unblok

product photo of Manduka Unblok against a white background

Okay, you haven't just been staring at your screen for too long — this yoga block really has a curved edge. The straight sides will keep the block from moving on the ground while a curved edge will feel more comfortable under your palms or back during certain poses and stretches.

Best Yoga Block In a Set: Sunshine Yoga Restorative Yoga Kit

items in the Sunshine Yoga Restorative Yoga Kit against a white background

If you plan to do a lot of yoga at home, you might find yourself investing in prop after prop. Pro tip: It's easier (and cheaper) to buy a set. This one includes everything you'll need to make an EOD restorative yoga session as relaxing as possible, including a bolster, eye pillow, strap, blanket, and a pair of black yoga blocks.

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