This Genius Running Belt Holds My Phone, Wallet, Keys, and More Without Any Bouncing

I barely even notice it while I'm running.

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FlipBelt Level Terrain Zipper Edition
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When I first started running outdoors, I was constantly worried about where to put my phone, keys, and other essential items. Since I'll never be the type of person who tucks her keys away in her sports bra, I decided to get one of those running belts that I always noticed people wearing during races. A former colleague and fellow runner told me she swears by her FlipBelt, so I immediately ordered one for myself—and now I'm obsessed.

Made of a super stretchy, moisture-wicking material, the FlipBelt Zipper Edition (Buy It, from $33, is a tube-shaped running belt that lays flat against my waist. Thanks to its three slots, zippered pouch, and included key fob, it holds ~way~ more than you think. (Seriously, it's like the Mary Poppins bag of athletic accessories.) My FlipBelt securely fits my iPhone 8+, small wallet, Apple AirPods case, lip balm, and entire set of keys with room to spare. And even with all my stuff, it doesn't bounce around or distract me from my run like typical fanny packs do.

I personally love having the zippered pouch for small items, but you can also opt for a classic FlipBelt (Buy It, from $28, without the zipper, which can be flipped over (hence the brand name) so the openings sit against your body for added security. Both belts are even machine-washable, so I can simply throw mine in with the rest of my laundry after going for a sweaty run without having to worry about hand-washing.

The FlipBelt running belt comes in a variety of colors and seven different sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, and there's an easy-to-read size chart available on the product listing page so you can make sure yours fits perfectly snug. I'd recommend measuring the part of your body that you want to wear the belt. For me, this is slightly below my belly button. I ordered a large at first because I was worried about it fitting over my wide hips, but it was actually too big for my waist and ended up moving around while I was running. When I sized down to a medium, it fit like a glove. If you're in between sizes, you may want to go with the smaller of the two to avoid it riding up while you're running. (Speaking of, runners are obsessed with these Sweaty Betty leggings that stay put for miles.)

Even though most in-person running events are postponed due to COVID-19, it'll be easier to avoid bag check when race day comes around again since everything you need will be in your belt. And if you're as paranoid as I am about leaving the house without water, the brand also makes specially designed water bottles that fit into its belts. The 11-ounce bottle easily fits in the back of my FlipBelt, and it didn't budge once on a five-mile jog through Central Park last week.

Whether you're a novice runner or a seasoned marathoner, you're going to want to add this running belt to your Amazon cart ASAP. Trust, knowing that your phone, wallet, keys, and more are secure will make going for a tough run so much easier.

FlipBelt Level Terrain Zipper Edition

Buy It: FlipBelt Zipper Edition in Black, from $33,

FlipBelt Level Terrain Zipper Edition

Buy It: FlipBelt Zipper Edition in Acrylic Summer, from $33,

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