These Massage Guns Are Marked Down to Their Lowest Prices Ever for Prime Day

These powerful tools can actually compete with getting a professional massage.

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The endorphins you get from a challenging workout are blissful, but what's less blissful are the tired, aching muscles that can come with it. When stretching and using a foam roller just don't cut it, it's time to bring out a massage gun.

These recovery tools soothe sore muscles by pulsing vigorously against your arms, legs, shoulders, and back. In addition to relaxation, massage guns also promote circulation and muscle recovery. They're basically like going in for a professional massage, only they won't burn as big of a hole in your wallet over time.

If you're in the market for the best massage gun on sale this Amazon Prime Day, you're in luck. You can score two popular options at record-low prices: the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun and the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Premium. Each of these high-tech devices helps reduce knots and improves your range of motion. They'll rejuvenate muscles between workouts, so you can bounce back on the mat or bike even stronger.

If you've never used a massage gun before, the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun (Buy It, $85, is an accessible introduction to these popular recovery tools. While it may look a little bit like a power drill, don't fret: Amazon shoppers claim the tool works "miracles" and say it's even better than going to a masseuse.

vybe percussion massage gun amazon prime day 2020

Buy It: Vybe Percussion Massage Gun, $105 with coupon,

The Vybe Percussion Massage Gun comes with three massage tips: standard (for small muscle groups), large (for large muscle groups), and cone (for deep tissue). You can choose from six speed settings that go up to 2,400 strokes per minute — talk about a speed demon! The massage gun has an ergonomic handle and an articulating head that'll hit those hard-to-reach spots, like the middle of your back.

If the 30 percent markdown wasn't enough to convince you, the 1,400+ perfect ratings might do the trick. Reviewers with chronic shin splints, stress fractures, and sciatica all praise the device for releasing years of built-up tension.

"Amazing results," one shopper states. "I've been in physical therapy for about two years, and I've paid hundreds of dollars for a doctor to do to my shins essentially the same thing I am doing to myself with Vybe."

Seasoned massage gun users should pick up the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Premium (Buy It, $136, while it's still $34 off for Prime Day. This is essentially a more advanced version of the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun — it has a longer battery life and a more powerful engine that goes up to 3,200 strokes per minute. The device is equipped with five speeds and four massage heads, so you can easily customize your experience, and its low-noise transmission is a plus if you have thin walls.

vybe percussion massage gun amazon prime day 2020

Buy It: Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Premium, $136 with coupon,

Amazon customers are extremely enthusiastic about the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Premium, with one singing its praises for "resolving my plantar fasciitis" and another saying it's "truly a game changer for healthcare workers."

"I have a medical condition that causes limb spasticity, and a lot of pain that goes along with the cramping," a third shopper explains. "The minute this massage gun hits a muscle, I feel that muscle relax and any cramps are alleviated…If it can make such a big difference for me, I can't help but think it would make a huge difference for the average person."

Amazon Prime Day ends tonight at midnight PT, which means you only have a few more hours to take advantage of these massage gun deals — so grab one of the top-rated tools while you still can!

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