Surprise! That Famous $1,495 Home Workout Mirror Is On Sale for the Cheapest It's Ever Been

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Whether you've ventured back to the gym or are sticking with your at-home workout routine, there are undoubtedly days when breaking a sweat in any capacity can feel much like a Herculean effort. (Hello, dreary, cold mornings and evenings that appear earlier and earlier!) If switching things up is all you need to infuse some spice back into your at-home regimen, you'll be thrilled to know that a hefty dose of holiday cheer has arrived extra early this year. Everyone's favorite futuristic smart mirror — the aptly-named MIRROR — is already on sale as part of a Black Friday promotion, with the original price of $1,495 slashed to a cool $995 for a limited time.

By now, there's a chance you may have seen some of your favorite fit-fluencers using MIRROR in social media posts. And if you're been curious about trying this interactive, all-in-one fitness tool, there's no time like the present to click "add to cart." Right now, the company is offering $500 off each of its three MIRROR bundles (more on those in a sec), which means you can score this buzzy home gym device for less than a thousand bucks — its biggest discount ever, according to the company — with free delivery (an additional $250 savings), if you order through Monday, Nov. 29.

First things first, what is MIRROR, exactly? Billed as a "nearly invisible home gym," MIRROR is the ideal setup for anyone who's short on space since you can simply mount or press it up against a wall (bonus: it looks like a regular old mirror when it's not in use). Upon turning it on, users can choose from thousands of live and on-demand classes (including barre, boxing, boot camp, and many more), along with virtual personal training sessions for an additional fee. To access the expansive library, you'll pay a monthly fee of $39 for the MIRROR All-Access Membership, which is required with every MIRROR purchase.

If you're already an at-home workout devotee, you might be wondering how MIRROR differs from other popular digital workout subscription services currently available. Essentially, it's as close as you can get to having an actual instructor or trainer working with you one-on-one at home, thanks to its easily customizable setup. Upon installation, you input your goals (which can be your individual skill level, the target number of weekly workouts, etc.), biometrics, workout preferences (i.e. low-impact, interval training, and other additional options), and injuries/sensitivities, and MIRROR will provide a personalized experience every step of the way. You can also connect it to your existing Apple Watch (if you've got one), or the Bluetooth-equipped heart-rate monitor that comes with each MIRROR Essentials or MIRROR Family purchase free of charge to track your heart rate. What's more, MIRROR also offers encouragement or motivation throughout your workout to hit your target heart rate.


Buy It: The Mirror, $995 (was $1,495),

The diverse instructors featured on the platform are also there to help inspire you, whether your fitness journey is focused on increasing your concentration during yoga flow or eking out those last rounds of an intense boxing sesh. As Alex Silver-Fagan, one of MIRROR's founding instructors, previously told Shape, "During a live class, I can see the information clients fill out in their intake survey along with the user's heart rate, where they live, and milestones of their experience (such as how many classes they've taken and their birthday)." Instructors can then cheer you on throughout the live classes and give shoutouts on special occasions — think the same encouraging energy you'll find in Peloton and Equinox classes.

There's also a growing online MIRROR community, with a new option to "see" fellow users as you workout as part of the new Face Off feature … perfect if a little healthy competition is kinda your thing. Even if you don't compete against your pals, you can find your friends via the MIRROR app and celebrate each sweat session you all crush.

Not yet convinced? Take it from the 500 reviewers who have given the product praise online. "The classes are the same quality as going to a studio but in your own home with the flexibility to take the classes anytime and also pick exactly what workout you want that day," shared one recent shopper, adding, "I am super impressed with the different level classes offered and how much fun I have had during the live classes as well."

Another five-star reviewer called the reflective fitness device "fun and motivational," writing, "I've enjoyed every trainer I've taken a class from, they give great modifications and help me understand which muscles I should feel working and how to make sure I'm doing that correctly. It's helped me correct bad form on multiple occasions and it's great seeing yourself so it's easy to correct."

Shop the MIRROR bundles beginning at just $995 using promo code HOLIDAY21 at checkout. There are three bundles to choose from, starting with MIRROR Basic (Buy It, $995,, which includes the MIRROR, a stand, a lens cap, and a 12-month warranty. The MIRROR Essentials (Buy It, $1,195, bundle features the Basic package plus a slew of add-ons, including the aforementioned heart rate monitor; a pack of resistance band; a lululemon yoga mat, strap, and block; a lululemon foam roller, and a pack of stickers. And for the gift that your entire household will surely love: MIRROR Family (Buy It, $1,345,, which basically doubles all of the perks in the Essentials package. And, given that up to six users can be on the same MIRROR membership, your roommates or family members will love this new addition to your home gym setup.

With financing options and a 30-day risk-free trial period, there's plenty of ways to budget for this buzzy tool and bust workout boredom for good.

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