Onzie Women's Mindful Face Covering

I've Tried Dozens of Face Masks and This One Is the Most Comfortable

Onzie’s cloth mask is breathable and lightweight, so I never feel too hot.
By Erin Reimel
August 08, 2020
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In the last few months, I've replaced my favorite bold lipsticks with a new eye-catching accessory: my face mask.

Like so many people, when I found out that places like the grocery store and Target would require customers to wear a face mask, I got a handmade one from my grandmother. She spent hours cutting fabric and sewing masks for my family and to donate to essential workers. So she mailed me one made with leftover fabric she had from one of my childhood Halloween costumes—and it did the job. But once I realized masks were here to stay, I wanted to find something I could wear with zero issues. I tried masks made of swimsuit material (way too heavy and hot) as well as satin-lined (no rubbing, but they kept sliding down my face), and plenty of others—but none of them have compared to the cloth face masks from activewear brand Onzie.

The Onzie Women's Mindful Face Covering (Buy It, $24 for 2, amazon.com) is hands-down the most comfortable, easy-to-breathe-in face mask I've tried in the last five months. (Related: This Face Mask Is So Breathable During Workouts, My BF Keeps Stealing Mine to Go Running)

This Onzie mask is super breathable, so it doesn't make me feel like I'm drowning in my own hot breath as I wait in line at the drugstore. One Amazon reviewer even said they wear it jogging on hot and humid days without any issues. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, so if you sweat in it, it won't stay damp for your entire workout. (P.S. Here's what you need to know about wearing a face mask while working out.)

It also doesn't cause friction against my sensitive skin, which can make me break out into a rash (or cause the dreaded 'maskne'). This mask actually has a seam sewn in the middle of the bottom so it fits perfectly around my chin, and feels like it was made to fit the contours of my face. And while it never rubs or feels too tight,  it also stays secure the entire time I'm wearing it. Plus, the soft, spandex loops aren't too tight around the ears, so I don't get that sore feeling after wearing it for hours at a time. And the issue of fogging up my glasses every time I breathe? It doesn't happen with this one.

When you buy them on Amazon—they come in a pack of two for $24—you get two random patterns made from fabric upcycled from the brand's activewear designs. I personally love the leopard print pattern, but I also have a tie-dye mask that's right on-trend. They have so many cute patterns, you're bound to love the two you get.

I can honestly say I'll be buying more of these Onzie masks match my work outfits if we ever go back to the office—but for now, I'll be rocking them on errands and walks with my dog.

Onzie Women's Mindful Face Covering
Credit: Amazon