The Best Peloton Toe Cages of 2023

No cycling shoes? No problem. These toe cages let you pedal hard without clipping in.

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The Best Peloton Toe Cages

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You did your homework, comparing the best indoor cycling bikes on the market, and you decided Peloton is the right brand for you. Now that you're ready to get familiar with all the amazing content Peloton's team of kickass instructors has to offer, you may be trying to decide which accessories are necessary to supplement your cycling experience. Namely, do you really need the clip-in cycling shoes or can you use regular workout shoes to clip in for your first official Cody Rigsby experience?

Both the original Peloton Bike and the newer Bike+ include Delta-compatible aluminum bike pedals. Nonetheless, cycling shoes just aren't for everyone — but that doesn't mean you'll have to give up your beloved Spice Girls-themed rides. You might have multiple riders in your house, and the cost of indoor cycling shoes can add up quickly (Peloton's cycling shoes, which include the appropriate cleats, cost $125 per pair and the brand sells standalone cleats for $25 per set). Maybe you'd just prefer to ride in strength-training sneakers, especially for Bike Bootcamp classes, which alternate between cycling intervals and strength training off the Bike. All of this is possible with one simple modification: adding toe cages.

But finding toe cages that are compatible with your Peloton can be confusing, with a dizzying array of options available to help you avoid clipping in. You’ll need toe cages that are easy to install and adjust so that you get the best fit possible for your future PRs. These Peloton toe cages have our stamp of approval.

The Winners

Best Overall: Venzo Peloton Compatible Toe Cages

Venzo Peloton Compatible Toe Cages


Why We Like It: The adjustable toe cages can fit feet of all sizes.

It's Worth Noting: These Peloton toe cages can be tricky to uninstall.

These Venzo Peloton toe cages were our pick for best overall because they’re specially designed for Delta-style pedals — meaning they'll easily work with the pedals that come on your Peloton Bike or Bike+. If you're buying these so that multiple members of your household can use the Peloton without shelling out for expensive cycling shoes, you'll especially love the adjustability of these toe cages. With the ability to adjust the cage by up to 15mm, these toe cages will make it easy for anyone to get a smooth, stable ride — no matter what size feet they have. 

These toe cages can be difficult to uninstall in the future. If you do plan on taking the toe cages off your Bike at some point, make sure you purchase the removal tool as well.

Price at time of publish: $50

Pedal compatibility: Delta | Cage adjustability: 15mm

Best for SPD Pedals: YBEKI SPD Pedals - Hybrid Pedal with Toe Clip and Straps

YBEKI SPD Pedals - Hybrid Pedal with Toe Clip and Straps


Why We Like It: This hybrid pedal is designed for people who prefer cycling with SPD cleats.

It's Worth Noting: These toe cages and pedals can squeaky.

If you already have a pair of SPD shoes and you're not super stoked to swap them for something that's Delta-compatible, you can install these multipurpose YBEKI SPD Pedals with Peloton toe cages. You can clip in on one side with your SPD cleats sans toe cage, or flip the pedal around and you'll have a flat, sneaker-friendly pedal with a toe cage on the other. 

However, if a quiet, smooth ride is important to you, these toe cages might not be the best fit. They tend to have excessive clicking or squeaking after a couple of rides. Also, note that installing these hybrid pedals and toe cages means you'll have to completely take your original Peloton pedals off the bike — so there's a little more effort required than other turnkey options. Plus, swapping out your Peloton pedals voids the warranty.

Price at time of publish: $40

Pedal compatibility: SPD | Cage adjustability: Not listed

Most Durable: Boerte Indoor Bike Pedal Adapters

Boerte Indoor Bike Pedal Adapters


Why We Like It: These Peloton toe cages are made to last with heavy-duty polypropylene webbing straps and an anti-slip design.

It's Worth Noting: It’s difficult to remove the pedals.

If you've ever felt nervous about putting your full weight on the Peloton pedal or worried about your foot slipping out of a toe cage, these Peloton toe cages from Boerte are for you. The manufacturer uses extra reinforcement around the cages to provide extra support, and the bottom of the toe cages feature enough traction (via diamond-shaped "teeth") to keep your sneakers in place, no matter how fast you're spinning your wheels. Plus, the straps that go across the top of your foot are made with heavy-duty polypropylene webbing, a material that's known to be both lightweight and strong. 

It can be difficult getting these toe cages off the pedals. So, these might not be right for anyone who wants a simpler solution.

Price at time of publish: $50

Pedal compatibility: Delta | Cage adjustability: 20mm

Easiest to Install: BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16'' Pedals with Toe Clips

BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16'' Pedals with Toe Clips


Why We Like It: These toe cages won major points for being a breeze to install.

It's Worth Noting: You will need a 4mm Allen wrench to adjust the toe cage to your preferred length.

Not everyone feels comfortable digging around in a toolbox and taking on time-intensive installations. If you're looking for a more turnkey solution to putting a toe cage on your Peloton, try the BV Bike Toe Clips. Installation takes seconds and only requires you to place the toe cage on top of the delta cleats on the pedals the Bike comes with — almost like "clipping in" to a traditional cycling pedal (although you will want a simple Allen wrench on hand to loosen or tighten the bolts as needed). 

While you'll definitely appreciate the adjustability of the toe cage (that is, the ability to lengthen it to fit larger feet), heads up: You'll also need your trusty Allen wrench on hand to slide the cage forward and backward. If you have multiple people in the household using these toe cages, this is a pain to do before every single ride.

Price at time of publish: $40

Pedal compatibility: Delta | Cage adjustability: 4.5 to 5.5 inches

Most Comfortable: MARQUE Peloton Compatible Toe Cages

 MARQUE Peloton Compatible Toe Cages


Why We Like It: These toe cages are comfortable for feet of all sizes.

It's Worth Noting: It takes time to swap these toe cages off if you want to ride with cycling shoes.

The fully adjustable MARQUE Peloton toe cage is designed to fit a variety of shoe sizes and the reinforced heavy-duty plastic is made to endure the toughest pushes and climbs. These toe cages for Peloton are especially comfortable, too, even for long rides with rolling hills and uphill climbs. That's major, especially if you plan on spending a lot of quality time with Robin Arzón and don't want blisters or sore knees to slow down your hustle.

However, if you plan on swapping these toe cages on and off frequently, know that you might need to devote time to the switch. You'll have to loosen the pedal tension, unclip, and then re-tighten the tension.

Price at time of publish: $40

Pedal compatibility: Delta | Cage adjustability: 5.5 to 5.9 inches

How We Selected

We narrowed our toe cage selection process to those available on Amazon to ensure they were easily accessible and in stock. Then, we scoured dozens of toe cages for Peloton options and narrowed our selections down to these five by comparing and analyzing Peloton toe cage features and researching what makes a toe cage comfortable, durable, and high-quality.

What to Know About Peloton Toe Cages

Also known as toe clips, toe cages are small frames that can attach to the front of bike pedals on a Peloton or any bike since they're used and compatible with all kinds of bikes — both stationary indoor bikes and outdoor bikes. Once in place, you can comfortably slide your sneakers inside so the cages surround your feet from the ball of your foot forward up to your toes, which gives you more leverage when you pedal. Most toe cages come with buckles and straps so you can create a snug and secure grip on your shoes, which will allow you to push down and pull up on the pedals safely and efficiently during your ride.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why would I want to use Peloton toe cages?

    The main benefits of using toe cages are that they keep you safe if you choose to ride in sneakers versus cycling shoes. Without toe cages, your foot isn't securely on the pedal and could slip off or cause some other exercise-related injury if you're, say, sprinting in the saddle. Plus, using the toe cages will allow you to go from sitting in the saddle to riding in a standing position and from sprinting to climbing hills smoothly. Toe cages allow you to mimic the control, and therefore power, in your pedal stroke that you experience when you're clipped in without being physically attached to the pedal.

    The other benefit is that the customizable straps can accommodate just about any shoe or foot size, so if you have particularly wide or narrow feet, you can find a comfortable but secure fit.

  • How do I install Peloton toe cages?

    Once you choose the Peloton toe cages that are right for you based on the features and style you prefer, installing them on your Peloton bike shouldn't be too difficult. After you attach the adjustable straps to the toe cage, you’ll place your feet inside the cages and “clip in” like you would with traditional cycling shoes. Peloton offers a step-by-step guide on its support page as well. Be sure to check your specific Peloton toe cage instructions.

  • Does using toe cages affect my Peloton warranty?

    If you do swap out your Peloton pedals for toe cages, there is one important detail you should be aware of: The company won't cover any damage to the pedals you put on the bike yourself. When you purchase a Bike or Bike+, a standard 12-month warranty covers the original pedals that come with the Peloton Bike and Bike+ against any defects, but not against normal wear and tear. (FYI, the bike frame itself has a 5-year warranty.)

    The company is clear that they do not cover defects or damage to any "non-Peloton products or labor, units that are, or that Peloton reasonably believes to be, stolen, counterfeit, or purchased from an unauthorized distributor or reseller, units purchased or used outside the U.S. or Canada, and units missing serial numbers." That means buyer beware: if you hack your bike, any parts you put on it are solely your responsibility, so check with the seller of your pedals to see if they offer a warranty before purchasing.

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