This $20 Kit Will Make Working Out At Home So Much Easier

It gets the job done and takes up very little space. 

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This past year, I've worked hard to build an effective fitness regimen that's not only feasible to keep up with, but also enjoyable. However, with the current coronavirus outbreak, I know that continuing my workout routine in public spaces like gyms and fitness studios could pose a health threat to myself and others—as Ariana Grande put it (with some colorful language), my hip hop yoga class can wait. (

So inevitably, I found myself browsing Walmart's fitness selection for any affordable at-home equipment to keep me in shape until it's safe to go back to the gym. I was first drawn to SPRI's Ultimate Booty Sculpt Kit (Buy It, $20, because of, well, the name (my glutes could use some work). But once I dug into the kit's features, I realized it had everything I was looking for: resistance bands, core discs, and a mini band for booty work. The biggest selling point? It only cost a cool $20. I was sold.

When it comes to at-home workouts, I know resistance bands make all the difference, so I was delighted to find that the SPRI kit includes four different types—light, medium, heavy, and one made just for your butt exercises. I used the light band around my thighs for hip activations and exercises, the medium band for upper-body workouts, and the heavy band for lower-body exercises such as deadlifts. I first familiarized myself with the different moves listed in the kit's included exercise guide, and then I moved on to other online fitness videos and workout guides. (

I love the functionality of the dual-sided core discs, too. One side is made to be used on hard floors, while the other is best for carpets, which is super convenient when I decide to switch up the location of my workouts. But the real MVP of this kit is the booty band. It has two openings for your legs and offers the perfect amount of resistance and flexibility—and boy, does it burn. Whether I use it for squats, lunges, or hip bridges, the durable band always stays in place. This security makes my workouts flow so much easier and keeps me on pace while doing cardio movements. Plus, I don't have to worry about any flying bands shooting across my living room.

With this all-in-one workout kit, I've been able to maintain my healthy habits at home without sacrificing any of the hard work I've put in at the gym or in-studio classes. And though I hated working out at home before all of this happened, I actually look forward to it now. The workout routines I've been doing with the help of this kit are just as challenging, and I feel better knowing that by avoiding public gyms, I'm making the safest choice—for myself and others—without giving up my fitness goals.

If you're on the hunt for an all-encompassing fitness kit to keep up your workouts from home, you can't beat SPRI's package at the price point—it's totally worth it.

SPRI Ultimate Booty Sculpt Kit

Buy It: SPRI Ultimate Booty Sculpt Kit, $20, $30,

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