This Massage Gun Is the Only Thing That Relieves My Muscle Pain

Amazon shoppers swear by this handheld massager for pain relief— and I can attest to its powers.

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About seven years ago, I tore the labrum in my left hip due to a dance injury (ballet is not for the faint of heart). After years of physical therapy, I finally decided to have surgery to reshape my injured hip joints and repair the tear. While pain is something I can usually tolerate, the muscle tension in my hip can be severe, even now, 18 months post-surgery. My at-home treatments include the typical over-the-counter pain relievers, icing, foam rolling, stretching, and repeating my physical therapy exercises. But the one thing that's been a total pain relief game-changer above all else is my trusty handheld massage gun.

The Vybe Premium Percussion Massage Gun (Buy It, $140, was $170, is a deep-tissue massager that pulsates (a whopping 3,200 percussions per minute) instead of vibrating, which allows it to get deep into the belly of each muscle and provide relief. Plus, the four interchangeable massage heads make it easy to find tight knots that a foam roller can't, since these attachments are designed to target different muscle groups. (

The massage gun has five speeds ranging from light to intense — I usually go for level three and apply hard pressure on the area. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to four hours with a single charge — twice as long as the popular Theragun massager — and it operates quietly enough that I rarely notice a sound while in use. And thanks to its compact, handheld design and an included carrying case, it's super easy to travel with and makes it into my duffle bag on almost every weekend trip.

VYBE Percussion Massage Gun

Buy It: Vybe Premium Percussion Massage Gun, $140 with coupon, was $170,

While my hips are the main target for me, this massager works on any muscle group and feels heavenly from my neck to my feet. Hundreds of Amazon shoppers seem to agree, with many saying it's helped them with post-workout recovery, plantar fasciitis, and chronic muscle pain.

One reviewer who's a massage therapist said it "works wonders." "I'm extremely pleased with how well it works and how good I feel," they continued. "I have a lot of discomfort in my calves and feet from both plantar fasciitis and a plate and screws in my ankle, and after using this for 10 minutes on each leg and foot, I felt relief for the first time in YEARS! Best purchase I've made in a long time!"

Another shopper called the Vybe massager "a game-changer for health care workers" adding, "I'm an occupational therapist working in geriatric rehab, and this powerful little machine is a game-changer for sore glutes, hips, low back, and shoulders... It definitely feels like a premium product with no obvious corners cut to save money at the expense of quality. Highly recommend for the chronically sore, it's worth the money you'll save by not needing professional massages as often."

If you want to try the powerful massager I can't go a day without for just $140 right now, I don't recommend hesitating. Seriously, your muscles will thank you.

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