What happens when you combine the internet's fave dog and workout gear? Pure magic.

By Lauren Mazzo

If you've ever avoided working out with kettlebells because you were intimidated by their weird shape and tough exterior, you now officially have no excuse. The latest viral Kickstarter project created the most adorable mash-up of fitness equipment and (wo)man's best friend: a bulldog-shaped kettlebell.

It all started in a garage gym. Maryland-based fitness instructors Bob and Jennifer Burnett would leash their French Bulldog, Lou, to a kettlebell so he could hang while they worked out and trained clients. (P.S. Here's a workout you can do with your dog.)

In March 2017 they realized that the world *needed* a French Bulldog kettlebell, and set out to make it happen. Thus, the Kettlebull was born.

These fully functional kettlebells are shaped just like Lou and weigh 12 kg (about 26.5 lbs). They're made out of recycled scrap metal and manufactured head-to-toe right here in the U.S. Soon, you'll be able to get your swing, snatch, and squat on while hanging out with this handsome fella. (Or imagine that it's any of the FBDs you obsessively follow on Instagram-looking at you, @ChloetheMiniFrenchie.)

Before you get insanely excited and add one to your holiday wish list, know that they're still in Kickstarter mode and aren't available quite yet; they hope to have the 12 kg Lou Kettlebull in production for delivery in February 2018 and eventually add larger bells (a 16 kg Bulldog called Ragnar, 24 kg Pitbull called Bey, and a 33 kg Bull Mastiff called Pee Wee) to the line as well. (Go tackle this CrossFit kettlebell workout while you wait.)

Here's hoping you won't have to wait long. In the first 24 hours, the project has scored over $2.5K in funding. (More good news: Puppies are legitimately good for your health.) Help them reach their 15K goal, and you might just have a Lou to call your own.

In case this wasn't cute enough, Kettlebull also plans to work with Barbells for Bullies (a nonprofit group dedicated to helping the "Bully" breeds of dogs) to provide bells for future CrossFit competitions across the country.

Now you can have your own pup who's always game for a workout, won't chew the couch, and even gives back to charity.

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November 22, 2017
Big shout out to Cherry Clip Studios out of Baltimore MD for the video clips. They did an excellent job on the Kickstarter campaign video!