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Fun Waterproof Accessories for a Splashy Summer

Baggu All-Weather Bag

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This sturdy tote ($140; was designed for surfers to transport their sopping wetsuits home after a day of waves, so it can hold up in any kind of situation. Welded seams and a water-tight zipper keep your stuff inside dry, or your wet things inside from soaking your shirt. 

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ALOHA Wet Bikini Bag

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Keep your phone, keys, and cash dry while you hit the pool, then use this pouch ($26; to stash your wet suit on the way home. The durable Tyvek material also makes it a great stand-in for your favorite clutch on a boat ride.

Photo: ALOHA Collection

Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Float it in the water at a pool party, hook it on to a canoe, or play poolside tunes without worrying about nearby cannonballers. This superslim speaker ($40; is small enough to fit into your pocket, but delivers big sound quality.

Photo: Altec Lansing

Bibliobath Waterproof Books

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If you've ruined books at the beach, pool, or in the bathtub before, get excited. Kickstarter-funded Bibliobath creates real books using synthetic, tear-proof paper and waterproof binding. You'll have to stick to the classics for now—they have Shakespeare, Twain, and Yeats; but who couldn't use some brushing up on Macbeth? (From $19;

Photo: Bibliobath

Melissa Cosmic Star Walker Sandals

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These slides ($85; look cool by the pool, but throw on a coverup and you'll also look chic at the tiki bar. Special technology molds the shoes to your feet, so they're more comfortable than average flip-flops. And a good talking point on the beach: they're actually tutti-frutti-scented!

Photo: Everything But Water

Waterfi iPod shuffle

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Laps will be a breeze when you have tunes to listen to underwater! This iPod shuffle and set of earbuds ($165, bestbuy.comhas been waterproofed to fuel your swimming sessions. (Load it up with one of these 4 Playlists Proven to Add Power to Your Workouts.)

Photo: Best Buy

Clearly Cool Beach Case

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Toss your Kindle and smartphone in these cases ($38; to keep them sand-free on the beach. The thin plastic still allows you to navigate touchscreens.

Photo: Echo Designs

The Tillow

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This all-in-one towel ($36; the has a removable pillow to make sunbathing more comfortable (but use one of these 20 Sun Products to Help Protect Your Skin). Better yet: a water-resistant pocket near the pillow stores your sunscreen, goggles, and cash. A separate touchscreen pocket fits your cell phone, so it stays dry, but you can still use it.

Photo: The Tillow

Shark Clip Aloha Series Watch

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Dive in (up to 300 feet) with this retro neon sport watch ($55; The nylon band with plastic clip stays secure in the waves and makes timing your laps in the pool super easy. Just beware of tan lines!  

Photo: Freestyle USA

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V

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Strap Sony's latest Splashproof Action Cam ($250, to the front of your surfboard while you're catching waves, or just goof around by the pool. The tiny camera fits in your palm and stands up to heat, sand, and five meters of water, so you won't risk damaging your iPhone.

Photo: Sony


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