The gift guide includes sneakers, workout machines, and everything in between.

By Renee Cherry
November 22, 2019
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If you like to knock out your secret Santa, white elephant, and family gifts at once, you already know where to shop. Amazon sells virtually everything and has done all the grunt work by compiling gift guides. The Amazon holiday gift guide for 2019 includes fashion, beauty, and tech sections, but if you're shopping for a fitness lover, you should head straight for the active lifestyle guide. (Related: These Early Black Friday Deals from Walmart Prove It’s Time to Start Your Holiday Shopping)

The guide includes 78 fitness finds that span a wide range of sports and prices. If you're looking to go all out, you'll find gym equipment like the NordicTrack RW900 Rower (Buy It, $1599,, which offers interactive personal training functionality. Need to fill a few gaps with stocking stuffers? The list also includes affordable gift ideas like RxBar Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bars (Buy It, $16, and Solimo Closed Toe Compression Socks (Buy It, $11, Forget what you know about gifting socks–true workout fanatics will love you for adding to their compression gear collection. (Related: Pamper Your Mind *and* Body with These 3 Goodies from Oprah's 2019 List of Favorite Things)

Serena Williams and Gabrielle Union
Credit: Tim Clayton - Corbis/Getty Images, Gregg DeGuire/Stringer/Getty Images

Amazon partnered with celebrities for its gift guides this year, and the active lifestyle guide has received Serena Williams' and Gabrielle Union's stamps of approval. Williams called the active lifestyle guide the "ultimate wishlist of products made to help you achieve your aspirations big or small." She's right, and you might as well start dropping hints to loved ones about the Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband (Buy It, $250, if you're aiming to meditate more, or new running shoes if you're gearing up for a race. (Related: Mariah Carey Revealed Her Favorite Amazon Gifts)

amazon basics medicine ball
amazon basics rubber encased hex dumbbell
NordicTrack CST
Left: Credit: Amazon
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Union has declared that the guide is "what's on [her] Christmas list this year." Even if she isn't a pro athlete like Williams, it's obvious why she's into the gifts. The actress is constantly posting videos from her workouts to her Instagram Story, both solo gym time and joint workouts with her husband Dwyane Wade. She could totally swap the med ball, dumbbells, and cable machine from one of her recent workouts for the Amazon Basics Medicine Ball (Buy It, $34,, Amazon Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell (Buy It, $15,, and NordicTrack Fusion CST (Buy It, $1999, from the gift guide.

Whether you love fitness or are just desperate for gift ideas, you'll definitely want to head to Amazon to scope out the full guide. You can never go wrong with a gift that'll help someone enjoy their favorite workout.