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The Genius New Solution for Girls Who Wear Glasses to the Gym

Thanks to cuter-than-ever frames and nerd culture becoming cool (finally!), specs are showing up everywhere—including the gym. But as anyone who's ever tried to get a serious sweat on while wearing them knows, glasses present some unique problems during a workout. They can flly off in the middle of your HIIT circuit, slip down your nose during push-ups, or even end up in your hair during yoga class. In the past, optically challenged gym-goers have been forced to choose between unwieldy glasses straps or having one of the above happen. But now there's a simple, new solution to the sweaty glasses problem: Nerdwax.

Nerdwax is a tube of tacky wax that you apply to the bridge of your glasses to prevent slippage from sweat and face oil. It's shaped like a tube of lip balm so it's perfect for slipping into a gym bag or pocket and at only $10 (or $20 for 3 tubes) it's a cheap and easy solution. For those of you who don't need glasses but do work out outdoors, it also works on sunglasses. No more worrying about your sunglasses sliding down your nose during long runs outside. (See also: 7 Stylish Sunglasses That Also Protect Your Eyes)

Nerdwax How To

There's one trick to getting the Nerdwax to stick your glasses to your face. According to the Amazon reviews, it's important to clean both your nose and the glasses with an oil-removing wipe, like a makeup wipe or the cleaner than came with your glasses. Let your nose and glasses dry and then apply the Nerdwax.

Worried about your sensitive skin? The inventors say it's formulated to not cause breakouts. They add that it lasts all day but if you have oily skin or had a super sweaty workout (#always), you'll need to reapply. But that's a small price to pay for never having to use your finger to scoot your glasses back up your face 20 times a day.


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