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Gym Bags That Will Take You From Your Workout to the Beach

The Banana Duffle

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Stuff it full of your gym clothes and beach snacks (hint: These crunchy and creamy options are all under 200 calories)—this hold-all will serve as an all-day shore companion. ($70;

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The Polka Dot Tote

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Slip your yoga mat into the outer pocket of this shoulder bag and head straight for the sea. A snap-in clear zip pouch keeps your gym outfit from stinking up the rest of your stuff, and the abundance of interior mesh pockets can hold your frozen sports drink and sun hat for the hot day ahead.  ($114; (Check out: The Best Hats to Protect Your Skin This Summer.)

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The Volleyball Bag

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A sporty splash of color packs a wet compartment for a bikini or sports bra, a water-resistant base that you can easily wipe clean and pockets out the wazoo for keeping all of your belongings organized. ($45;

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The Waterproof Tote

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Stash your suit at the gym and your socks at the shore with this waterproof tote. It even has a removable drawstring bag to keep your wet or sweaty things out of the way. The closure is magnetic, so not rusty zippers to worry about! ($165;

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The Kors, Of Course

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Comfortable and chic is necessary for both the gym and the great outdoors, and this bag does both with plenty of storage to boot. It's made from ultra lightweight nylon with a zip pocket and front snap pocket for easy access to your headphones (see the best ones for any situation) and your shades. ($128;

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The Packable Pouch

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This bag is as durable as it is sensible, and fully lined with an extra zipper compartment to keep things sand-free and protected from sweat as well. The straps are breathable, so you're set for long walks by the waves to find the perfect spot. ($30;

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The Necessity Bag

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Made for patients going through cancer treatment and undergoing the awful effects of chemotherapy, this tote comes with trimmings including a blanket, water bottle, lip balm, hot packs, and cold packs. Whether you or a loved one is dealing with recovery from an injury or fighting the disease itself, you're sure to be equipped with comfort wherever you go. Bonus: Made from durable EVA material with a sturdy flat bottom, the Bogg bag will also keep everything from your beach belongings to your groceries from falling out as soon as you set it down. ($120;

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The Nautical Shoulder Bag

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The ventilated zipper compartment at the bottom of this bag will help your shoes and socks dry. It also contains a mini wristlet that can convert into a small top handle bag, so you can take a quick trip to the beach cabana for cocktails and not lug the full bag on your shoulder. ($295;

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The Jersey Tote

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Minimalist and comfortable, a great sack bag can pack inside of your own beach duffel or serve as the main bag itself. This one has a reversible option, in case you want to keep the jersey dry while carrying your sweaty clothes or sweating water bottle. ($41; up on Cute Water Bottles for All Your Workouts.) 

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The Quilted Calvin Bag

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Flip this quilted number inside out to put the pockets on the inside. It's functional with a malleable structure for stuffing in a towel or dry clothes, and it can take you through the city to brunch when a beach day falls through. ($57;

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The Sea Sack

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This summer-ready mesh and cotton combo means maximum breathability for wet towels and plenty of room for your sneakers or sandals. Wear it as either a backpack or shoulder bag. ($60; (And if mesh is your obession, these workout clothes will fuel the fire.)

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The Outdoorswoman's Tote

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Take this bag on the beach, boat, or wherever your afternoon is headed. It's coated so it won't get soaked, and has a yoga mat clip and stash pocket for any gear you need to take along with you. ($80;


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The Storm Born Bag

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Under Armour's storm series is water-resistant and durable, so you can tote through sudden summer showers and keep your things in the laundry bag inside. The canvas color will hold up to any dirt. Wear it as a shoulder bag or side sling. ($80;

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The Summer Satchel

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Great storage means everything can be neatly stowed post-gym, so you don't have to drop your spin shoes at home when you're at the coast. The pouch will keep your cash and accessories safe and dry from whatever you need to keep zipped up inside. ($295; out more fashionable gym bag options.

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