She swears by these shoes to help her get the most out of her workouts.

By Faith Brar

Photos: Instagram/@halleberry

ICYDK, Halle Berry is fit AF. For starters, the 52-year-old actress could easily pass for a recent college grad, not to mention her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, says she has the athleticism of a 25-year-old (check out her killer ab routine if you need proof). While her incredible genes and insane work ethic definitely play a part in helping her retain her youth, Berry recently took to her Instagram Stories to share her secret for getting the most out of her workouts.

"Let's talk about one of my favorite things....SHOES!," she wrote. "In my experience, the right shoe can improve form, provide comfort and stamina and prevent injury-not to mention they can also be fire." (Love Halle? Check out all the best diet and fitness advice she dropped on Instagram last year.)

Turns out, the actress has a favorite sneaker for each of her go-to workouts and activities-and she shared details about each pair. So if you've been looking to expand your shoe collection, look no further. Here are five of Berry's top picks:

Ringside Boxing

You know what they say: Quick feet never get beat, which is why Berry says she "loves" wearing these shoes in the ring. "They're soft, comfortable and keep my fight combinations fast and in-flow," she wrote. (Here's more boxing gear you'll want for your next sweat sesh.)

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Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged

The Ultraboost has long been Adidas' most popular running shoe-but that's not the only reason Berry is obsessed with these kicks. "[I] can't get enough of this shoe's material," she wrote. "They're knit and wrap perfectly around my foot. [I] can barely feel them at all and it has perfect support at the bottom. GREAT for running!"

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Under Armour HOVR Phantom

Have flat feet? These shoes will give you all the support you need. "The best thing about these shoes is how breathable and weightless they are," Berry wrote. "[They're] easy to wear with great support for the arches. Feels like you're walking on a cloud!" (Related: How to Find the Best Workout Shoes for Flat Feet)

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Alo Yoga Velocity Knit Sneaker

A versatile sneaker is a must-have in your wardrobe, which is why Alo Yoga's kicks made it to the top of Berry's list. "These are honestly shoes you can wear all day every day," she wrote. "I just love how stretchy they are-It feels like I'm wearing socks outdoors."

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New Balance Fuel Cell Impulse

These shoes are all about providing propulsive power that won't weigh you down. "[They] are super lightweight and really give me an extra kick for sprints," Berry shared. "They are some of my favorites to run in!"

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