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Heart Rate Monitor Picks that Ditch the Chest Strap

FitLinxx AmpStrip

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This little device is basically the heart of your traditional HR monitor, but with an adhesive back so you can ditch the strap. The small sensor sticks to your torso just like a Band-Aid and can be worn all day, every day—even in the shower. The AmpStrip isn't on the market yet, but it’s already won a handful of awards, including the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Best of Innovation honoree for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. Plus, the company raised 734 percent of their ask during their crowdsourcing funding campaign (which suggests serious promise in a future product). ($150; available for pre-order at

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Scosche RHYTHM + Heart Rate Arm Band Monitor

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The main issue with breaking free from the chest strap is most sensors can’t get as accurate of a read in other places. The RHYTHM+ collects your heart rate data from the pulse right below your elbow, where the brachial artery is close to the surface. And it syncs with your phone or sports watch via Bluetooth within 100 feet. ($80;

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Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

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Let your headphones do double duty: The Sport Pulse track your heart rate from the pulse in your inner ear. The earbuds use the technology of biometric sensor company Valencell’s PerformTek to gauge an accurate read, then sync with Jabra’s Sport Life app, which will also track your run, pace, and calorie burn. ($180;

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Spree Headband and Smartcap

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Spree has moved the chest strap to your head with their heart rate headband, and while we love the idea behind the technology, we’re the first to admit it’s a little goofy looking. This design is perfect for cyclists, since the strap fits perfectly under a helmet. And while you can wear it on its own, Spree offers a compatible Smartcap to nestle the band in (bonus: it keeps the sweat out of your eyes too!). ($200;

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adidas miCoach Sports Bra

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Even though its two years old, adidas’ miCoach bra is still going strong—two years after the launch, it's still one of the best alternatives to tracking your HR without a chest strap. Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret both launched a smart sports bra for a limited time, but it seems the tech didn’t work for either brands. Adidas built the sensors right into the fabric of the bra—you just snap the transmitter on to the front, sync it with a compatible sports watch, smart phone, or piece of cardio equipment, and go. ($55;

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