Enhance your time outdoors with these tech gadgets that guarantee a smoother camping experience.

By Renee Cherry
July 20, 2018
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Thanks to the emergence of "glamping" there are two extremes when it comes to sleeping outdoors. You can sleep in plush accomodations with a bed and outlets. (Here are gorgeous places to go glamping If sleeping bags aren't your thing.) Or you can pitch a tent and channel your Girl Scout days. But if you want to take the middle road, you'll just need a few gadgets that can make the tent life feel a little less extreme. These five picks will let you get all outdoorsy without giving up your favorite comforts.

1. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower

Even if you're out in the middle of nowhere for a few days, you don't need to go without washing. This device holds up to five gallons of water, and can provide a warm stream of water with the help of a solar panel. It also has a convenient side pocket to hold your toiletries. Warm showers for $35? Sold. ($35; amazon.com)

2. BioLite CampStove 2

No need to bring a portable phone charger that you need to remember to plug in before leaving. Start a fire on this portable stove then use the generated energy to charge up your tech. With separately sold attachments you can turn it into a grill, kettle, and coffee press. ($130; amazon.com)

3. Cauldryn Fyre Mobile

The Cauldryn Fyre Mobile is a tricked out water bottle you can use to boil water for coffee, tea, or soup. It has four temperature settings you can use to maintain the perfect temperature all day, so it's worth the buy even if you're not a fan of camping. ($130; amazon.com)

4. Eton Scorpion Multifunction Radio

If you want a tool that will streamline your packing, grab one of these radios. The multitasker is an AM/FM radio, bottle opener, phone charger, flashlight, and weather alert radio in one. A solar power and crank can both charge its internal battery, so you'll never be without a charged phone. ($69; amazon.com)

5. Zero Breeze Portable AC

It can get pretty toasty in a tent during the dog days of summer. You can bring this handy portable AC with you and use it to keep your tent nice and cool. It also functions as a nightlight, Bluetooth speaker, and phone charging station. ($1000; amazon.com)

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