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High-Tech Tools for Your Next Hiking and Camping Adventure

REI Evrgrn Crash Sack

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A cross between a Snuggie and a sleeping bag, this genius product has arm holes to let you grab what you need even after bunking down, pockets to stash your stuff, and a bottom that clips out of the way when you walk around—so you can stay cozy when temps drop at night and stay warm when you leave your tent in the a.m. ($119,

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Zodi Hot Tap Instant Hot Shower

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The ten minutes of hot water that this portable outdoor shower provides will feel like heaven after a long, dirty hike or freezing cold lake swim, whether or not you're in one of the 10 Picturesque National Parks Worth Hiking. Just don’t talk too loudly about it, or all your campsite neighbors will be asking for a turn. ($170,

Photo: L.L. Bean

Scosche BoomBottle

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These speakers are tough enough for the outdoors—weatherproof, with a durable exterior—so you can bring your music up the mountain or to the fireside. And if you travel by bike, just slip the speakers into your water bottle cage, where it’ll fit perfectly. ($130,

Photo: Scosche

Green Light Planet Sun King Pro

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Take this portable light with you on your hike and let it soak up the sun’s rays. After one day’s charge, it’ll run for 45 hours—giving you light as a lantern, or power for your iPhone, iPad, or GoPro (just plug your device into the USB charger). ($50,

Photo: Green Light Planet

Bean’s TravelScope 60 Telescope

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If you’re a city-dweller heading to the hills, all you’ll want to do at night is look at the stars. Get a closer look with this lightweight traveling telescope, which fits neatly into its own backpack. ($80,

Photo: L.L. Bean

Celestron Trekguide Lite

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Worried about getting lost? This little lifesaver fits in the palm of your hands, and has an easy-to-read digital compass, thermometer, and clock. It’s water-resistant too, so it’ll keep working even if it starts to rain. ($27,

Photo: Celestron

Joby Grip Tight GorillaPod Stand for Smartphones

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Upgrade your selfie skills with this bendy little tripod for your smartphone. The flexible legs wrap around tree branches or can adjust to sit steadily on a rock, so you can always get a great shot. ($30, (For additional tips, see The Best Photography Accessories for Selfies.)

Photo: Joby

W.R. Case Hobo Knife

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A pocket knife comes in handy for carving sticks for marshmallows or opening bottles. This one comes equipped with a fork and spoon, and all three pieces can be separated from each other so you have a full set of utensils. ($102,

Photo: Zippo


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