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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Studio Hopper (Besides a SoulCycle Giftcard, Obvs)

Gifts for the Studio Hopper

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Not everyone out there has a preferred workout style. Some of us are just happy to keep moving! Here, we've got gift ideas for those free spirits who are always on their way to the next fun fitness class.

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Tory Sport Neoprene Bucket Backpack

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Tory Burch's athleisure line would inspire just about anyone to work out, and this beautiful bag is one of the most eye-catching picks. ($395;

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Photo: Tory Sport

MSP Ombre Crop Pant

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The ombre trend keeps right on flowing with these super cute leggings. ($62;

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Photo: MSP

Sephora Favorites Beauty Unmasked

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Whether your friend's skin is fighting oil from all that sweating or dryness from going from the street to hot yoga, this set of masks will get it back on track. ($20;

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Photo: Sephora 

Alo Yoga Haze Long Sleeve

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Made of incredibly soft fleece this long sleeve is ideal for throwing on pre and post-workout this season. Bonus: It looks so fashion-forward, one could pair it with a pencil skirt for the office. ($88;

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Photo: Carbon 38

Prismsport New Bra

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No matter the workout, a cool pop of snakeprint peeking from under a tank will keep anyone motivated. ($52;

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Photo: Bandier

Juicepresso Platinum

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If you know someone who juices every morning, you might as well give them the best juicer on the market. This model has a wider mouth for larger chunks of produce. That means less time chopping veggies and more time sleeping. ($550;

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Photo: Juicepresso

Dylan's Candy Bar x Zara Terez Leggings

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Let their legs serve as a reminder of the treats they'll allow themselves once they complete a few more reps. ($78;

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Photo: Dylan's Candy Bar

BitterSweet Bracelet Hair Ties

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Who doesn't get panicky without a hair tie nearby at all times? This little bracelet keeps supplies close at hand without ruining the rest of a look. ($45;

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Photo: Maria Shireen

Karen Walker Amber Craft Mirror

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Give your on-the-go worker-outer this cool compact to keep in their gym bag so they can check their mascara post-workout. You know even the littlest bit of sweat will put that waterproof claim to the test. ($48;

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Photo: Sephora

Ray-Ban Round Fleck

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These Ray-Ban shades are right on trend thanks to their round frames and patterned rims—not only will they pair nicely with the best athleisure wardrobe, they'll also pair with any everyday look. ($160;

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Photo: Ray-Ban

Luciana Tank Top

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For those who require starting the day with a neutral spine. ($29;

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Photo: Luciana

Apple Watch Sport

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This gorgeous color combo may be what finally pushes you to buy this device, which lets the wearer (cough, yourself) check texts and emails no matter what else they're in the middle of doing. ($349;

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Photo: Courtesy of Apple Watch

Mio Skincare Your Fit Skin for Life Kit

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It's not just a travel kit to keep in a gym locker—these products are specially formulated to protect skin from fitness issues, like sweat and sore muscles. ($33;

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Photo: Mio

Carbon38 Printed Legging

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Athleisure destination Carbon38 isn't just selling top brands like Alo Yoga, Koral, and Michi—they just launched their own fitness fashion line! Gifting someone a pair of the brand's new printed leggings will put them at the front of the pack, no matter where they're working out. ($130;

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Photo: Carbon 38

Rotari Metodo Classico

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A champagne-style sparkling wine made from sustainable Chardonnay grapes, Rotari guarantees the drinker can get their buzz on in a healthy way. Cheers! ($15;

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Photo: Rotari


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