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The Best Holiday Gifts for Tech Lovers

A Do-It-All Fitness Smartwatch

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Say hello to your new fitness bestie—Fitbit Versa, the health and fitness smartwatch. Track your heart rate, activity, sleep, and even female health. Other customized features include its on-device dashboard, phone-free music, and wallet-free payments. Forgot to charge it overnight? NBD. This bad boy has a battery life of up to 4+ days. ($200;

Want to motivate your kiddos to move more? The Fitbit Ace (for ages 8+) encourages them to stay active with fun clock faces, fitness challenges for the whole family, and goal celebrations and badges. Bonus: You can even keep tabs on their sleep and steps. ($100;

buy it, $200

Photo: Fitbit

Noise-Canceling, Sweatproof Buds

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Sony's new Bluetooth in-ear buds check all the boxes: They're built to resist sweat and weather, won't fall out during your intense HIIT workouts, and have an on-the-go charging case so they're always ready to go. The most unique feature, though, is the ability to choose between different modes: noise cancelation for when you want to tune out the crowded gym; ambient or voice modes for when you want to be able to chat with your workout buddy or to simply be more aware of your surroundings while out for a solo run. 

buy it, $178

Photo: Sony

A Personal Assistant Smart Hub

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Like Google's previous smart speakers, the new Google Home Hub has a built-in assistant to play music, check the weather, and give you directions to your next workout class. But now, thanks to the touchscreen display, you can use it to watch step-by-step YouTube cooking videos, or even for Sephora beauty tutorials. It also doubles as a digital photo frame when you aren't putting it to use.

buy it, $150

Photo: Google

A Vibrating Foam Roller

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The Hyperice Vyper 2.0 is a fitness aficionado's dream come true. The vibrating action turns your foam roller into a personal masseuse, helping to speed recovery, loosen tight muscles, and channel blood and oxygen to the areas that need it most. Once you go vibe, you'll never go back.

buy it, $200

Photo: Hyperice

A Travel Mug That Heats Up Your Drink for You

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Never worry about your tea going from seemingly scalding to freezing cold again with Ember's smart travel mug. The corresponding app lets you remotely adjust your coffee or tea to your ideal temp, while the corresponding coaster keeps it charged at your desk. 

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buy it, $150

Photo: Ember

A Futuristic Fitness Mirror

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MIRROR is so much more than a mirror—this brand new device displays live and on-demand workouts including cardio, strength, yoga, boxing, and more—and can tailor your workout to you and provide feedback on your stats. It also looks cool AF mounted on your wall—when you're not using it to work out, it just looks like a streamlined, modern mirror. 

Buy it, $1,495


A Rugged, Waterproof Action Camera

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The HERO7 Silver is a new, mid-range option from GoPro that gives you the same waterproof durability you expect, with even crisper video and photo quality. It's also easier to use than ever, thanks to a smartphone-like touchscreen and voice control. It's a must-have for any thrill-seeking adventure traveler.

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buy it, $300

Photo: GoPro

A Wi-Fi Smart Scale That Does More Than Just Weigh You

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If weight loss or maintenance happen to be a goal of yours, this sleek smart scale from Fitbit is the easiest way to see how all those steps on your tracker are translating into results. In addition to your weight, you'll also get helpful health stats like body fat percentage, BMI, and lean mass. And, it'll automatically sync your stats to your phone so you can easily track your progress over time. 

buy it, $130

Photo: Fitbit

A Blender with a Built-In Scale

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The NutriBullet Balance will totally change your a.m. smoothie game. It features a built-in sensor and connects via Bluetooth to an app on your phone so you can take the guesswork out of making healthy smoothies. Choose which recipe you want, then follow the app to know much of each ingredient to add, which order to put it in (no more un-mixed protein powder at the bottom!), plus get exact calorie and nutritional info.

buy it, $130

Photo: Nutribullet

A Gym Accessory Made for Beauty Techies

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Meet the Dyson Supersonic, the lightweight hair dryer that completely changed our locker room game. Dyson's team of engineers created a focused, high-pressure jet of air, rather than the extreme heat of some conventional dryers, to protect your strands from damage while getting the job done crazy-fast. Trust us: It will thrill any beauty junkie.

buy it, $400

Photo: Dyson


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