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Holiday Yoga Gifts That Every Yogi Will "OM My God" Over

A Dreamy Sunrise Yoga Mat

manduka yoga mat

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This isn't your average yoga mat; not only is it a hybrid of Manduka's eQua no-slip yoga towel and their natural rubber eKo mat, but the design is straight from California-based photog Brent Broza. Now, instead of peeping your pedi during forward fold, you can fall headfirst into a Cali sunrise.

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Photo: Manduka

A Cozy Sweater Crop

sweater crop top yoga long sleeve

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This super-soft crop sweater is perfect for airing out your abs post–hot yoga. (Hey, you didn't hold boat pose that long to cover them up!)

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Photo: Carbon38

A Luxe Travel Mat

sugarmat travel yoga mat

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Hot Vinyasas are better atop an ultra-soft, synthetic suede mat with sweat-activated grip—wherever you may be. This easy-fold travel mat packs all the goodness (and prettiness) of a full-size Sugarmat yoga mat into a suitcase-, backpack-, and even purse-friendly package. (Bonus points for the cute graphic carrying case that keeps it protected from whatever else is in your bag.)

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Photo: Sugarmat

A Cheeky Tank

namaste in the shade crop tank spiritual gangster

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Snap a pic of yourself in this sassy "Namaste in the shade" crop tank, and your next tree pose Instagram is guaranteed to slay.

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Photo: Spiritual Gangster

Soothing Himalayan Bath Salts

calm bath salts yoga gift

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Follow Savasana with a soak in soothing vanilla ylang-ylang bath salts. Pink Himalayan seas salts soften and exfoliate skin while perfuming the water and air so you can keep your zen going long after class. (Related: What It's Really Like to Try Salt Room Therapy)

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Photo: Dermstore

A Reversible Bomber Jacket

fuzzy reversible bomber jacket

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Whether you snag this puffer for yourself or for your yoga BFF, it's worth every penny. This surprisingly warm reversible jacket will keep you cozy going to and from the studio—whether you wear the fuzzy side in or out.

Buy It, $325

Photo: Carbon38

A Decorative Yoga Mat Towel

yogitoes hot yoga towel

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Give the gift of a slip-free practice, courtesy of this zen towel from Yogitoes. Genius silicone nubs on the bottom grip the towel in place on your mat, floor, or carpet. Plus, it's made using recycled bottles—so you can feel extra good about gifting (or getting) one.

Buy It, $51

Photo: Yogitoes

A Festive Bra and Legging Set

beyond yoga holiday sparkle ombre legging bra set

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Channel holiday vibes with a red and gold legging and sports bra set from Beyond Yoga, and take your practice to the merriest level.

Buy It, $68-$110

Photo: Beyond Yoga

A Delicate Lotus Bracelet

alex and ani lotus bracelet yoga gift

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An adjustable gold lotus bracelet looks trendy stacked with a tracker—and won't get in the way during downward dog.

Buy It, $51

Photo: Alex and Ani

Mala Meditation Beads

pink mala prayer beads

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Tap self-care mode with these "I Am Worthy" mala beads fashioned from rhodonite and rudraksha gemstones, which are said to open the heart chakra and increase mental clarity. (P.S. Here's how to meditate with mala beads.)

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Photo: The Mala Collective

A Mantra-Inspired Yoga Mat

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It’s so easy to let your mind wander during a yoga class to all the things you still have to do before the holidays (forget wrapping the gifts; you still have to buy them!). When you feel yourself drifting, take a peek down at this Inhale yoga mat from AJ LOVE, and it will snap you back to the present. Words written right on the mantra-inspired mat will tell you to inhale purpose, hope, and love among other things that help you stay focused on your practice and happier about life.

Buy It, $55

A Mood-Setting Candle

namaste candle yoga gift

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Some days, you just don't want to leave the house—even for yoga. Lighting this "Namaste" candle is the perfect way to transform your living room into a chill yoga space. (Here's more on how to make the most of an at-home yoga practice.)

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Photo: Francesca's

A Yoga Bag That Also Stashes Your Mat

lululemon yoga mat bag

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Having to carry your gym bag and mat everywhere? Torture. Opt for the two-in-one Lululemon bag with underside straps for easy mat transport. Heading to a different class? Simply unclip, and leave your mat at home.

Buy It, $168

Photo: Lululemon

A Velvet Bra and Tight Set

alala velvet bra and tight set

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Stay warm during your winter flows (and while relaxing on the couch) with this luxe velvet set from Alala—because, no, you can never own enough velvet. 

Buy It, $85-125

Photo: Alala

Fuzzy Boot-Sneaker Hybrids

ugg fuzzy sneakers yoga gift

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One of the best parts about yoga class? You don't have to bring extra shoes—so why not make the ones you wear to and from the studio ~extra~ cozy? Enter these winter boot-sneaker hybrids that will make any yogi's feet oh-so-happy.

Buy It, $150

Photo: Zappos

An Essential Oil Mat Spray

yoga mat cleaning spray gift

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Give the gift of a clean mat; this Lotus Elixir Yoga Mat Mist is made with witch hazel and lavender and sage essential oils to refresh your mat (and mind with the power of aromatherapy). With a mat cleaner that smells this good, maybe you'll actually clean your mat as often as you're supposed to.

Buy It, $10

Photo: Anthropologie

A Grippy Water Bottle

pink spiky bkr bottle yoga gifts

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The perfect yoga water bottle? One that (a) doesn't make noise when you set it down (no Savasana-ruiners here) and (b) won't slip from your hand even in the sweatiest of classes. That's where this pretty pink spiked bkr bottle comes in.

Buy It, $42

Photo: bkr

A Leather Mat Sling

yoga hustle mat sling gift

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This carry-all sling wraps up your mat and towel and has clips for a block and strap—turning your entire yoga-gear arsenal into a super-portable backpack.

Buy It, $75

Photo: Yoga Hustle

A Smart Speaker

Sonos One Speaker

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The key to maximizing the benefits of your at-home yoga practice? Creating the perfect atmosphere—which, obv, includes tunes. The Sonos One smart speaker comes with Amazon Alexa built in, so you can start a meditation or a Bikram yoga flow, or switch playlists, all without leaving downward dog. (FYI, here are a bunch of ways Alexa can help zen you out.)

Buy It, $200

Photo: Sonos

A Trendy Yoga Wheel

yoga design lab yoga wheel gift

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Help your most beloved yogi level-up their practice (and Instagram game) with a decorative yoga wheel. (Then show them how yogis are using yoga wheels in creative ways.)

Buy It, $48

Photo: Yoga Design Lab

A Glam Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser gold yoga gifts

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Regularly get your om on at home? Turn your bedroom, living room, or at-home yoga studio of choice into zen heaven by misting some essential oils while you flow. This pretty pick looks just as good off-duty as when it's on and glowing 14 different colors.

Buy It, $40

Photo: Amazon


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