The Best Exercise Bikes to Deliver a Killer Workout At Home

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Exercise bikes deliver a serious low-impact cardio workout without wreaking havoc on your joints. Luckily, there is a range of home exercise bike options to fit your needs and budget so you can tap it back in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading for the the best indoor exercise bike from brands, including Peloton, LifeSpan, and NordicTrack.

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The Best Exercise Bike Overall: The Peloton Bike

The Peloton Bike

If you're looking to recreate the studio experience at home, the Peloton Bike was made for you. The high-tech bike comes loaded with a tablet that streams live Peloton classes from around the globe that you can also save and watch later, which means you can take as many classes as you want, whenever they fit in your schedule. This best exercise bike and $39 monthly subscription are pricey, but it's a win-win if you plan to use it on the regular or if you can split costs with your cycling-loving roomie or boyfriend. Plus, there's a free 30-day home trial.

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The Best Exercise Bike for the Home Office: LifeSpan C3-DT5 Bike Desk

LifeSpan C3-DT5 Desktop Cycle

Don't let a busy day at work keep you from getting in your workout ever again. LifeSpan's desktop bike brings the cardio equipment straight to your office. And when you're ready to take a break from pedaling, slide the bike away and use it as a stand-up desk. You'll be the most efficient employee ever.

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‎The Best Exercise Bike for Your Wallet: Marcy Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike with Pulse Monitor

Marcy Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike with Pulse Monitor

The Marcy Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike lets you score a cycling workout for less than 200 bucks. Track everything from your time in the seat to the number of calories you burn, and then wheel it away for easy storage.

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Best Exercise Bike for the Class-Obsessed: Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Cycling Bike

best indoor exercise bike sunny health

If you're a spin class fanatic, this best exercise bike from Sunny Health is about to make your life *much* easier. The classic ride is almost exactly like the bike at the studio. Set the bike up in your own home or apartment and forget about fighting other riders for dibs on the first post-workout shower.

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The Best Exercise Bike for Virtual Traveling: NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

Just like the bicycle you have in your garage, this high-tech NordicTrack bike can take you on an outdoor adventure. The indoor exercise bike's touchscreen is linked with Google maps, so you can virtually traverse trails around the world, and the bike can incline and decline to make climbing up and over hills much more realistic–and just as grueling. To top off the list of qualities that make this the best exercise bike, you can watch livestream classes in which real trainers will change up your resistance to give you the best workout.

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Best Exercise Bike for High-Tech Cycling: Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Bike

Echelon Smart Connect EX1 Bike

If you're looking for a high-tech bike without the exponential price tag, turn to Echelon. The best exercise bike has clip-in pedals so your feet stay put and ergonomic bars for optimum comfort. And with the $39 monthly membership, you'll unlock access to on-demand and live classes, during which you'll be able to see how you stack up against the competition with a live leaderboard.

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The Best Exercise Bike for the Whole Family: Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike

With four separate user profiles and an easily adjustable seat, the Schwinn 170 Upright bike is ideal for spin-loving families. Plus, this best home exercise bike offers Bluetooth connectivity so you can sync your workout results with your phone's health apps.

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The Best Exercise Bike for the Money: YOSUDA Indoor Exercise Bike

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

If you want the Peloton experience without coughing up half your savings, this exercise bike from YOSUDA is the best Peloton dupe. This stationary bike has a 35-pound flywheel, so you can crank up your resistance training and an LCD screen that tracks time, speed, calories, and distance. Plus, you can download any workout of your choice to your device (like a tablet or iPad) and place it on the build-in holder to follow along on the bike, with or without a monthly membership. Loyal Peloton app fans you can still use the app with this bike without breaking the bank. "I'm using the Peloton app for classes (only $15 per month)," one customer shared. "I wanted a Peloton but couldn't justify the price for the bike, shoes, and monthly membership for their classes. This was a great alternative to save a ton of money!"

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The Best Exercise Bike for Sweaty Cyclers: Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Marcy Deluxe Air Fan Bike
Dick's Sporting Goods

Two big benefits of this Marcy air-fan bike: It'll automatically add resistance as you pedal faster, and the fan will speed up at the same time to keep you cool. Sweaty problems, solved.

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The Best Exercise Bike to Match Your Décor: MaxKare Stationary Bike


If you've never met a yellow bike you didn't like (shout out to SoulCycle), then you'll love this find. This home exercise bike from MaxKare will bring that cheerful vibe into your home. Plus, it comes with a built-in iPad mount, so you can download workouts to your device and follow along on the bike.

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The Best Exercise Bike for Binge-Watching: Gold's Gym Cycle Trainer 400 Ri Exercise Bike

Gold's Gym Cycle Trainer 400 Ri Exercise Bike

Need a "House Hunters International" marathon to take your mind off of the burn? No judgment here. This Gold's Gym best indoor exercise bike has a tablet holder so you can watch whatever it takes to get you through the workout. You can also lean on the bike's eight-week workout program designed by real trainers for that extra push.

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The Best Exercise Bike to Brighten Up the Space: Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Stationary Bike


PSA: Fitness equipment does not need to be black and bulky to help you meet your health goals. A prime example: This pink recumbent bike. This best exercise bike is easy on the eyes yet has everything you need for a heart-pumping workout.

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The Best Exercise Bike for Small Living Spaces: Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Urban dwellers, rejoice! This folding Exerpeutic bike is the answer for anyone who's tight on space. It folds down to half its size so you can easily slide it into your closet in between workout sessions.

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