The Best Weightlifting Gloves (Plus, How to Clean Them)

Get a grip.

How to Select—and Clean—Badass Weightlifting Gloves

FYI: It's a good idea to improve your grip strength. But if you need a little extra help, do that and reduce your calluses with a pair of our best editor-selected weightlifting gloves. Then, learn how to keep 'em clean—because you want to pick up weights, not bacteria, amiright?! (Start here: The Only 4 Exercises You Need to Be a Better Athlete)

10 Weightlifting Gloves to Try

Bionic Women’s StableGrip Half Finger Gloves

Complete with antimicrobial fabric to help control odor, these weightlifting gloves goes above and beyond. The enhanced wrap-around pad will provide you with more secure grip, a poly towel on the thumbs helps manage perspiration and side padding provides for more comfort on the thumb, palms and sides of hand.

weight lifting gloves

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UA Medium Training Gloves

Complete with genuine leather, the palms of these weightlifting gloves feature strategic padding for extra protection and grip so that you can comfortably hit those personal records.

weight lifting gloves
Under Armour

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Nike Fundamental Training Gloves II

Designed for a personalized fit, these training gloves will have your back (okay, your hands) throughout a challenging routine (like this killer HIIT and strength combo). With features including a padded, yet breathable synthetic leather palm for enhanced grip and a wicking mesh fabric upper, these gloves are a knockout.

weight lifting gloves
Dicks Sporting Goods

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Harbinger FlexFit Wash and Dry Gloves

With a "tech gel" cushion and leather palm pad, these half finger gloves are comfortable and durable. Plus you can toss them right in your washing machine if they get a little too sweaty. (Hey, we've all been there…)

weight lifting gloves

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Amara Weight Lifting Gloves

An anatomical relief pad system gives the ultimate grip and support while the Velcro closure gives your wrist support and creates a snug fit. (Perfect for all those tough CrossFit WODs!) Combine the awesome features with the fun design and you've got a match made for all the fit fashionistas.

weight lifting gloves
RDX Sports

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Weight Lifting Gloves With 12-Inch Wrist Support

Ideal for barbell lifting, CrossFit, and powerlifting, these weightlifting gloves have just the right amount of padding. Your hands will stay protected against calluses and blisters so you can attempt those personal bests time and time again.

Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Gloves with 12" Wrist Support
Nordic Lifting

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Nike Pro Perforated Wrap

Durable protection is created by synthetic leather on the palm and back of the hand while Nike dri-FIT mesh helps your hands to stay dry and comfortable. Cut-off fingers allow for increased airflow and a range of motion give you no limitations in this department as you work on your strength goals.

nike weight lifting gloves

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UA Flux

You'll be lifting like a pro in no time with the sweat-wicking material of the UA Flux. Your hands will stay dry while soft and breathable construction feels comfortable no matter how heavy the dumbbell, kettlebell, or barbell.

weight lifting gloves
Under Armour

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SIMARI Workout Gloves

Calling all CrossFitters! Toss the tape out and ditch the chalk—opt for these weightlifting gloves instead. They feature a sturdy wrist support and padded palm so you can rock everything from pull-ups to push presses with good form and without calluses.

weight lifting gloves

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Women’s Fit Weightlifting Gloves

Designed with a woman's hand specifically in mind, these weight-lifting gloves are fully breathable and feature a no-slip grip. Complete with pull tabs on the fingers and wrist for an easy on and off, these gloves will have you covered through all of your lifting and training ventures.

weight lifting gloves

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How to Clean Weightlifting Gloves

When you're lifting heavy weights (and, BTW, we have 11 reasons to get to it if you still need convincing it's a good idea), gloves become a staple pretty quickly to protect your hands and give you a better grip. Unfortunately, soon after your sesh it's more than likely that they end up in your gym bag—a dark, moist environment that's perfect for bacteria to grow all over your weightlifting gloves.

Bring 'em back into the light and follow these cleaning tips (once per week!) from Erin and Leif Frey, founders of FREY laundry detergent.

  1. Soak in the sink. Fill your sink with warm water, add enough soap (dishwashing detergent works great) to make it sudsy, then submerge your weight-lifting gloves. Massage each glove, making sure to squeeze water through each finger, and use your hands to scrub off any grime.
  2. Flip 'em inside out. That'll make it easier to clean the inside. Just rinse and repeat the same routine you followed for the outside. If the gloves still smell post-massage, let them soak in the sudsy water for an hour or so before going in for another scrub. Then rinse them thoroughly to avoid leaving behind any irritating residue.
  3. Toss in the machine. If washing them by hand isn't doing the trick, throw the weight-lifting gloves into the washing machine on a gentle wash setting (make sure any Velcro straps are securely fastened to prevent them from catching on clothes). Let them air-dry so they keep their shape, and stick to drying indoors—putting them in direct sun can weaken the fibers, allowing them to lose their shape faster.
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