Kristen Bell Gave These $10 Booty-Building Bands a Stamp of Approval

The actress shared the brand in her Instagram post along with other small brands available on Amazon.

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Kristen Bell is the queen of relatable. She knows what it's like to lose motivation, struggle with puffy under-eyes, and prioritize self-care. And like most people, she shops on Amazon. But instead of buying from big businesses on the marketplace, Bell is all about keeping it small.

The actress dropped a mini Amazon haul on Instagram in late May highlighting some of her favorite small brands available on the online marketplace. (Full disclosure: The post was an ad for Bell's recent partnership with Amazon, but it doesn't make her picks any less noteworthy.) Some of the companies highlighted in her gram included healthy dog treat business Pawstruck dog treats and nutritious snack brand Rule Breakers. She also featured the ultimate booty-targeting exercise equipment: resistance bands.

Bells' brand, or rather band, of choice is the Contraband Sports Resistance Band Set (Buy It, $10, The Florida-based company makes its durable loops with 100 percent natural latex and sells them in sets of four or seven. Bell showcased the lightest weight kit in her post — which includes extra-light to medium resistance bands — but the set also comes in weights of medium to extra heavy and the full spectrum of extra light to extra heavy. (ICYDK resistance bands have tons of benefits.)

If you're wondering what exactly sets these resistance bands apart from other designs (at least to get Bell's attention), listen up. Each band has seven different points of tension, so it can be used in tons of configurations for both upper and lower body workouts. The brand also provides a tension chart, so you can more accurately guess the weight resistance of the bands. For example, the heaviest band offers up to 32 pounds of resistance.

contraband sports resistance bands set of four with extra light to medium resistance

Buy It: Contraband Sports Resistance Band Set, $10 for 4,

Currently, the resistance bands don't have a ton of reviews on Amazon — remember, small business. But the ratings left for the kit are mostly positive, with shoppers comparing the quality to the bands used in physical therapy. One reviewer says the bands feel expensive and don't stretch out even after months of regular use. Really, the only complaint was that some kits contained too many easy bands or didn't provide enough resistance, which can easily be fixed by layering multiple bands together.

Ready to channel your inner Bell with a few booty-focused exercises? Add a resistance band kit to your cart for as little as $10.

Contraband Sports Elastic Loop Resistance Band Set of 6 from extra light to extra heavy resistance

Buy It: Contraband Sports Resistance Band Set, $20 for 7,

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